Chapter 10: Buh-Bye Teachersitter

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Previously On Coach's Little Girlfriend: 

It wasn't that hard, than Finn expected it to be. When Jesse was gone, they made love to one another. Atleast he got to spend times with her, even though he can't do anything besides to wait if someone leaves and leave them alone together. And have intercourse all over the place like wild animals. 

"So, what happened, while Im gone?" Jesse asked went to go grab a water bottle from the refrigerator.

"Nothing happened, nothing at all" Rachel answered nervously. While Finn chuckled nervously. Jesse looked at them weirdly, and seconds came by he just shrugged it all .


 Its Sunday Afternoon. Rachel's dad will be back this midnight or any time by now. It makes Rachel kind of sad because her secret teacher boyfriend would be leaving in her house, but shes still going to see him at school or after. Sometimes, they hang out at his apartment. 

Rachel and Finn are in Finn's guest room,cuddling. Finn stroking her hair while Rachel's head was on his chest. They don't have to worry about anything or anyone getting caught because Jesse is hanging out with his friends again. Both of them, were loving this moment, that they slowly fall asleep. 



Someone knocked on the door. Finn was about to get up when he felt weight on his chest. And there he sees it, Rachel's on top of him.

"Finn, are you in there?" William's voice said from outside the guest's door.

"Shit" Finn swored. He shakes Rachel panickly. She fluttered her eyes.

"Finn?" William's voice said louder, that Rachel's eyes shot open directly.

"Yes, Im here, just give me a minute" Finn shouted.

"I can hide under your bed" Rachel said. Finn looks at her like shes crazy but its not the time to argue, so he just agree with her. She went under his bed quickly, she can possibly do. While Finn went to get the door.

"Hey, Mr. Schue" Finn said greetly. William was Finn's Spanish Teacher when he studied McKinley.

"Hey, Finn" William greeted. "So how was the kids?. Is Jesse and Rachel here?" He asked.

"Actually Jesse, said he wants to hang out with his friends today, and he'll be back anytime by now" Finn said panickly.

"What about Rachel?" William asked.

"Jesse said she ammm,, always locked up to her room, so shes probably there" Finn asked shrugged.

"Kay, thanks Finn, I owe you" William smiled.

"My pleasure" Finn beamed.

"I'll pay you later" William said.

"Oh, no no. Its ok, your kids was well behaved. They really did nothing else beside hanging out with friends and watch TV" Finn said.

"Well, thank you Finn" William smiled brightly. "But if you need anything just call me or text me ok?. I'm always available......sometimes" Mr.Schue said. Finn chuckled on his last sentence. Suddenly Finn heard stomach grumbled.

"Aghhh,,im starving, you wanna eat something?" Will asked Finn. He shook his head no.

"Its ok, I'll be packing" Finn said sadly.

"Ok, than-" Mr. Shue was about to finish his sentence when both of them heard a squeak. "What was that?" Finn's eyes went wide in panick.

"Ahhhh,,nothing, its just my new ringtone" Finn said pulling out his phone from his pocket.

"Ok, then, well see yah" Mr. Shue said awkwardly wave at him before walking off.


"Im so sorry, Finn I thought it was a rat" Rachel said looking at him apolegitic.

"Its ok" Finn said pulling her for a hug. He hug her tightly.

"Finn I can't breathe" Rachel said pausing every word she said. Finn mumbled "sorry" and pulled away from the hug. Rachel exhaled deeply.

"Im gonna miss you" Finn said sadly.

"Awee, Finn I will see you tomorrow remember?" Rachel said lighten up the mood.

"But, not everytime or everyday" Finn wined. Rachel chuckled slightly at his silliness.

"I love you" Rachel mumbled. Finn pulled her into his lap, and kiss her deeply.

"You have no idea how much I love you" Finn said.

"I think I do" Rachel smirked.


After the midnight, Finn went to his house. He miss his bed but its not complete without Rachel in it. In that moment Finn knew his gonna spend his life with this girl he instantly fell in love with. 

"High School's a bitch" He sighed. He just wish that Rachel could graduate, so she and him could be in public whenever they want.

I know its not that cheesy or smutty as before. But Im so excited to write the new chapter. Its about Jealousy and (stuff). Dont forget to vote and leave a comment down below if you want a shout out, and suggestions. LUV YAH


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