The next day

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I woke up before Jason because he wasn't a morning person but I didn't want to leave with out letting him know. I would wait for him as long as it took. I decided that instead of laying in bed even tho I wanted to I would get up and some watch tv. I found a movie on tv don't know the name of it but decided I would watch it anyways. It wasn't to bad I got into it. After a while Jason finally got up. "Good morning sleepy head." I said giving him a smile. "Good morning." He said walking into the bathroom. I continue to watch the movie til Jason came out. "Did you sleep good?" I asked him. "yea did you?" he said "yes I did." I said. "That's good, I'm surprise you stayed after getting up." Jason said. "Well, I did want to leave with out letting you know." I said Jason gave me that sexy smirk that even in sweats he looked sexy. He stood there with no shirt which made me feel like I could melt and think about things I would really like to do to him. He sat down next to me. "So we got the whole day to do what we want to hang out and spend time together what would you like to do?" Jason asked. "Well as much as I hate it I do have to run home for a few." I said looking at Jason. "Well, I could always go with if you want." Jason said. "That be fine with me I could show you around if you like." I said. "Sounds like a great idea to me." Jason said. "Cool, let me call Holly and see what she is doing and if she needs the truck and if not we can take mine." I said. "I love a woman who drives a truck." Jason said. I smiled at him. I called Holly and asked her about the truck and she didn't need it, she told me that Brantley asked her out and of course she said yea, so she told me she would be going with him on tour. We hung up. I was happy for her, she was my best friend and anything to make her happy made me happy. I just wish so bad that I knew what would happen with me and Jason. I wanted there to be more but didn't want to rush it I wanted it to come as natural as it possibly could. "Holly won't be needing the truck and she is going with Brantley on tour." I told Jason. "That's awesome." Jason said. we headed out and Jason talked to some people before coming over to me. We headed out to my truck and we hopped in we headed back to my house. we talked about different things. we laugh and had a good time. When we arrived at the house I warned Jason about my moms dog Angel I was babysitting her til she comes home. She was a full blooded Siberian Husky. She was a sweet dog and a rescue at that. We went in and she warmed right to Jason. "I will be right back." I told Jason. "Alright." he said. When I came back out Jason was playing with Angel he was so amazing and I was going to do what it took for him to become mine. I sat down and Jason moved next to me, we looked into each other's eyes and it was instant sparks. "Jason, can we talk?" I said. "Yeah, Hun what's up?" Jason said. "Well first off I want to say that this day has been amazing and I want to thank you for everything." I said my heart was racing. "You are more than welcome." Jason said. "I don't want this to end I don't want what we have between us be it be a one time thang I want to see you more, we have a special connection between us I just know it and it only gets stronger by the minute, Jason I love you like I have never loved anyone before and I understand if you don't feel the same way." I said I lowered my head just hoping to hear those words to give me the hope I've been waiting for since first meeting the man of my dreams. "Hope, I know the feeling because I feel the same way I want more times like theses but there is only one person that can make me feel that way and she is setting in front of me, I love you Hope and I want you in my life til the very end, Hope I want you to be mine." Jason said. I smiled at the fact that we both feel the same way and I now have the man of my dreams and he is all mine.

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