"How do you even know she'll like me?"

"Right now, Gil, she would like anything with a dick. I imagine her right hand gets more action than most guys get in their entire lifetime." Connor laughed. "One look in your green eyes and she'll drop those panties quicker than you can say artificial intelligence."

"That's fucked up. Alright, so, are you going to be my wingman?"

"Nope, not directly. You are going in solo. That big chested wacko, General Browne has already made you some documents to bring with you. I am going to throw a little dinner party at the Arcturan mansion in her honor to butter her up...I'll probably have to fuck your mom to do it, though. Anyways, I'll invite the media and make sure they get a good ol' dose of you and her together. Then, I will give her Gene's department and rank. That was his plan after all. At least the son of a bitch knew when to admit he was a failure. Oh, well."

"What's in it for me?" Gil inquired.

Connor grinned. "Don't worry. You'll be getting plenty of attention once she sees you in your white uniform. But, I tell you what, I'll sweeten the pot. I'll even let you take my transport."

"Whatever you say, boss...wait? Did you say I could take your transport?" Gil asked with a large smile forming on his face. "I do love that machine."

"Tell you what. Just keep it."


The Chancellor shrugged. "I can't drive the thing anymore because of security issues, you understand, and I know you will appreciate it."

"Wow, thanks, bro!"

"Oh, and take General Pha' Li's VTOL to go get the scientist from the field. He won't need it for a while. I have him working all of those Regional Defense Forces for their buy-in of the Homeland. By the way, Wendy Powell's a bit of an adrenaline junky. That bird will really get her panties wet."

"Roger that."

"You make this work out and I'll tell you straight, buddy, you will be sitting pretty!" Connor said with a smile.


Cenerea, 3rd planet from the star Letria. Regalius, The Homeland,

Central Region, The Capitol City,

114 Darvon Street, Current Day

"Have a seat. Let me read it to you, okay?"

"Alright." Wendy sat down on a work stool and leaned her head against Geneticus. She dried her eyes with the back of her hand and sniffed.

Jay selected another folder. "So, this file says Gil. Are you sure you want...?"

"Yes, read it!" the woman said sharply.

"Okay, it's a non-redacted report. CRMDAC 8th Squadron Report of Major Accident. Location. Southeastern Sub-Region location 850:10 by 269:09. It was not an aircraft to aircraft incident, blah, blah, blah..." Jay said under his breath scanning over the document. "Ummm, let me see. Uh, okay. Here we are. Lt. Mitchell's aircraft, one FLD220 Lawless fightercraft showed erratic behavior on radar at approximately 0934 hours. The craft appeared to struggle for several minutes eventually veering off course at 0940..."

"This is well documented, Jay. What does this report say as the reason for the accident?" Geneticus asked impatiently.

"Sorry, this is all new to me, Geneticus."

"I apologize, but I need to know for myself."

"Okay, G, I understand. Alright, toward the bottom of the report it says the pilot attempted to eject at 0938 but the craft's safety system never engaged," Jay raised an eyebrow. "Geneticus?"

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