three ; lies led to confrontation

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iii. lies led to confrontation

━ ❝ dreaming of what you could be ❞

━ ❝ dreaming of what you could be ❞

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THE HALLWAYS STRETCHED on, never ending it seemed to an outsider. Arabella knew that wasn't the case though. The hallways did end eventually, but that is just what it seemed. While she walked with her normal gracefulness, the Princess was tense. Her six sense tingled swiftly down her spine. Nervous was not what it was. It was a feeling of something being off. Malcolm. Even though she was visiting him later, the usual giddiness was nonexistent the next morning. Something was trying to warn her.

"Arabella!" someone called from behind her.

Arabella turned to see her friend Rebekah walking towards her. Relief escaped her lips, a smile passing over them soon after. The two joined together and embraced for a few moments. "Rebekah." Perhaps her longtime friend could clear her mind. The sarcastic Princess never failed to cheer her up when called for.

"How have you been?"

She flicked a piece of hair out of eyes, tucking it behind her ears. "Fine. How have you been?" It wasn't a lie, but it was an understatement. Bordeom that filled her words was now loaded with enthusiasm. If Rebekah hadn't known the girl in front of her for years, she would've never noticed the shift.

The two told each other secrets through nothing but facial expressions. Rebekah saw the look in Arabella's eyes. She had met someone. She winked at her friend. "Really good. You ready for princess training?"

Arabella gave her a look but failed to hide the smile. "Always am."

Rebekah was from the neighboring kingdom, a good friend of Arabella's kingdom. So instead of splitting the two females into different classes, they fit them into one. The blonde laughed, locking her arms with Arabella's. "Oh, I'm definitely ready."

They both laughed, continuing down the endless hallway. And just like that, Arabella let the thought of her worry go.


The air around them was dead. Nothing moved beside the sun outside that shined through a window of patterned glass. Pages flipped, rubbing against one another. A sigh. A groan of complete and utter annoyance.

"Remind me why we must do this again?" Rebekah asked, hissing at the paper cut she received.

Arabella tucked her dress to the side from underneath her. When they turned the age of five, all Princess were required to start training to become a Queen some day. One qualified teacher was assigned to each Princess to guide them on the "right path". Ivy found it ridiculous because she argued that the curriculum they were taught wasn't the one she wanted her daughter to learn. Her daughter was from a long line of powerful beings, they did not need to be taught such idiotic lessons. But Leo explained that it would benefit Arabella's personal training. Ivy didn't argue after that.

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