Chapter Two

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Noah wouldn't even look at Eli, and for once Eli was perfectly okay with that. He was dying of embarrassment. After everyone left the room he had time to think things over; really think about how everyone saw him in bed with Cameron, everyone knew what they'd been doing and... Eli cringed. Why did he even do that? With a stranger? With someone he'd known for five seconds? He was mortified.

They pulled up into the driveway. Eli was still getting used to it being a house he would be coming home to for now, and not an apartment. "Do you think- "

Noah closed the car door before Eli could finish his question. Eli shut his mouth, swallowed his annoyance and hopped out after him. "Noah." He caught up to him as he was going into the house, "Do you think dad will have heard back from the lawyers yet?"

"Ask him" Noah snapped.

Eli watched him storm up the stairs.

"Fun night?" Jenny peeked out from the kitchen, looking at Eli expectantly.

"Eventful" Eli answered hesitantly.

"We all have those nights" Jenny said kindly, "Come have something to eat, your dad wants to talk to you before he goes to work."

Since moving in Jenny had been the easiest person to talk to by a long shot. His dad, and especially Noah were quick to get annoyed at him and just as quick to harshly reprimand any behaviour they didn't like. Eli could swallow it when it was his dad doing the scolding, but when it was Noah it really ticked him off.

"Morning dad" Eli greeted him as pleasantly as possible.

"How's the head?" His dad looked up from the newspaper in his hands as he walked in.

"It's fine, I wasn't drinking." Eli sat opposite him, and Jenny pushed a plate of food in front of him. "Thank you"

"No problem" She ruffled his hair.

"You'll be starting school tomorrow." His dad folded up the paper, "The teachers brought up your grades from the last school. They weren't good."

"I'll work on it" Eli promised. It would actually be possible in this house.

"And your attendance?"

"I can keep that up too" Eli didn't have to find his own way into school here either, since Noah had a car.

"Okay then" His dad nodded, standing up. He leaned over to Jenny and left a peck on her cheek. "I'll see you later honey"

"Uh, dad" Eli abandoned his breakfast and dashed after him into the hallway, "Have you heard anything from the lawyers?"

Familiar annoyance flashed across his dad's face. "I told you to stop asking me every time we talk"

"They were supposed to call last night"

"I'll deal with the lawyers"

"So, did they- "

"Eli" His dad's tone of voice changed. "Enough."

Jenny placed a hand on Eli's shoulder and gave it squeeze after his dad left. "They didn't call honey"

Eli turned to her. "Did dad contact them to find out why?"

"I'm sure we'll hear from them soon" Jenny gave him a reassuring smile, "Don't worry about it Eli, these things take time."

Jenny left him alone and he unhappily sat back at the kitchen table. His dad wouldn't talk to him about what was going on, all he'd say was not to worry, and that was it. Eli couldn't help but get worked up about it. If he had to back to the apartment after all this his life would be hell. He pushed away the meal, no longer feeling any edge of hunger, and made his way upstairs.

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