~Samantha's P.O.V. again~

When I see you with him, slow dancing

it's tearing me apart cause you don't see

Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking

Oh how I wish that was me

Oh how I wish that was me...

Wow, I'm gonna cry right now! It's so sad...*sniffles*. In case you don't know, it's "I Wish" by THE ONE AND ONLY: One Direction! I am just in love with them and their songs! If I could, I would rape them......................(NO! BAD SAMANTHA! BAD! NO RAPING HOT BOY BANDS!) Anyways, back to reality! So, right now I'm just listening to some of their music on my iPhone and eating some carrots. I don't know why, but I'm just craving them. Or, I think it's because I like Louis the most out of the five in One Direction. I don't really know.

It's really sunny outside, and it's 8:30 am in the morning. The girls should be downstairs by now! Meh, I'll go check my Twitter and see what's new. Now, lemme see...scrolling down......down.....down......down---OH MY FLACKING GAWD...

THERE'S NOTHING INTERESTING ON TWITTER! UGH! Like, seriously! For the past week, none of the guys were tweeting, and everyone is getting anxious. Why haven't the guys tweeted yet? Not so sure. Maybe they're in Canada or something...

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the sound of people running down the stairs, and looked up from my iPhone to see that it was Nikki and Soph in their PJ's with their iPhones in hand.

"Sam, I got a call from Kayla saying we need to go to London Records. She says it's important! Go get changed now!" Soph said while Nikki nodded furiously. Whaah...? 

Then they both went upstairs to shower and change their clothes. Huh, must be one hell of a call. Whatevs, Soph sounded really serious, so I gotta be quick this time! One thing about me, I always take my time...meaning I'm kind of slow when it comes to getting ready. Don't know why, I just am. Thank Louis' bum that I have my own bathroom, or else the girls will kill me for taking so long! but, right now, I already showered and stuff so, I shouldn't take long to get ready!

 Oh, forgot to mention! Kayla is our manager/producer. She's very good at what she does (which is being a manager and stuff that managers do) and makes AWESOME food! She also has two cute twins named Edward (no, not that sparkling vampire dude -.-) and Elizabeth who are, like ten-year-olds and she's kinda new to the music business, but she's surprisingly doing well. She's harsh, but she's also caring, considerate, and clever. I gotta thank me mum sometime for hooking us up with a great manager/producer!

I went up the stairs and into my room and got changed into some black skinny jeans, a white shirt saying 'I LOVE CARROTS!' in bold print letters and my baby blue hightops. Yeah, not in the mood to choose anything flashy as a blouse. Then I combed my hair for a bit (even though I already combed it when I woke up this morning) and do some other last minute touches, and voila! I am done! Oh! Almost forgot my nerd glasses! Mine is black by the way, and I always wear it whenever I go out (well sometimes). I put on my nerdy glasses and made my way downstairs.

When I went into the living room, everyone was already there, waiting. Stefanie was wearing skinny jeans, a singlet and her white converse. Soph was wearing a white 'I <3 1D' shirt with high waisted bleached shorts and her vans. Cookie was wearing a pink plaid shirt with her favorite black leather jacket and sneakers. Nikki wore a navy blue and white flowy-ish top that goes down up to halfway down her tummy, white skinny jeans and her blue vans. 

"Sorry for the wait girfs! Shall we go?" They all nodded and went out. I went last to lock the door, just so hobos or wandering tourists near by won't go in. Yeah, it can happen, you might never know! Anyways, the girls and I went inside my red BMW (yeah, sweet ride right?) and headed off to London Records, with Cookie on the wheel.