Kade's P.O.V. 23

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I was finishing my shower when I heard arguing. I heard things falling and breaking. I was confused because Ace was waiting for the food and was supposed to wait so that we could relax. The next thing I hear is three gunshots. I jump out of the shower and wrap a fluffy towel around my waist and run downstairs. I almost fall down trying to get to Ace as quick as possible.

"Ace" I see him groaning on the floor blood on his hands and Luke on the other side with blood covering his chest.

"B-b-b-aby are you okay? Oh my god what happened?" I ask my hands shaking as I check his leg where he had a gunshot wound. Getting up to call the police and an ambulance I fall. My entire body was shaking and I wanted to cry.

"Ace, tell me what happened." I beg him as he puts pressure on his thigh.

"Fucking asshoe tried to kill me to get to you. He attacked me when he saw my gun on the table." Ace had told me about his gun a few days ago and I was adamant about him having one. I guess it did come in handy. I just wished he didn't have to ever use it.

"I-i-i-is he dead?" I ask scared to know the answer.

"I don't know but I hope so." He says closing his eyes. My hands were shaking as I raise my right one to touch him.

"Please, tell me you're not going to die" I say my voice choking. He laughs and opens his eyes.

"Kade, baby, I got shot in my thigh. I'm pretty sure I won't die." he laughs and pecks my lips. I hear sirens and next thing I know is that paramedics are getting Luke's body off the floor and onto a stretcher. They check his pulse and they start saying something but I don't know what it is.

"Sir, we need you to step aside so that we can check him." I move away and watch more paramedics talk to Ace. They put him on a stretcher and start moving him outside.

"Where are you taking him?" I ask

"Hospital. We need to get the bullet out and get x-rays and see if he has more injuries."

"Which hospital" I ask not letting go of Ace's hand. When they tell me they don't wait for another question when they are heading out. I start walking outside when I realize I'm only wrapped in a towel.

"Can we ask you a few questions before you go anywhere?" A police officer asks me. I nod and wait for them to talk.

"Do you know what happened?"

"I'm not sure of the details. My boyfriend and I were going to have a night in, relaxing from a long day since we're redecorating and I told him to order food while I took a shower. Almost 40 minutes later when I was almost done, I heard argument and things falling and breaking. I was confused and then I heard 3 gunshots. I covered myself and came down to this." I say pointing to the mess around me.

"Do you know the other individual?"

"Yes, he was my abusive ex-boyfriend I left a few long years ago and he's been harassing me and he has a restraining order against him. I don't know why he's here and how he even found where Ace and I live." I say my lips quivering as the officer writes everything on a notepad.

"Ok. Do you know where's the gun? For evidence. Who did it belong to?"

"Yes, it's right there. Ace got a gun when we first got together because he somehow knew this would happen. He got it for our protection. Luke was threatening us and he hit me when he came to my other apartment." The officer jots it all down and then tells me he will meet me at the hospital where he will have to interview Ace. I don't wait any longer and run back upstairs and get dress. On my way out the delivery boy is there. He looks like he seen a ghost. Or it's probably the fact that when he looked to the floor there was blood all around it.

"What happened?" He asks with a terrified tone.

"Home invasion gone wrong?" I say paying him and throwing the food on the table beside the door and leaving. When I get to the hospital my heart is racing. They don't find Ace until I tell them he came in the ambulance and he was shot. When I am directed to where he is I am relieved he is sitting up talking to the officers from earlier. He glances my way and tells me to come inside. I do and kiss him when I'm right in front of him.

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