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("Rambo, Bryson Tiller")
Nathan's P. O. V.

I stand next to Lilly as she whispers in my ear not wanting Lahlani or anyone's else to hear. "Okay, the surprise you have for Lahlani, well we put it in the cake you just make sure she gets the piece with the bow on it okay. I made the cake myself I know that I'm sure it is in that exact spot of the bow?."

I nod my head in response and head back over to Lahlani who was speaking with her god mother, Anna.
"Yeah, but its not. I don't understand why everyone feels that they are at fault when they are not. You were right Anna, I am the one who added fuel to the fire I basically dared him to come find me."

"You did no such thing. After all you've been through because of him, you were just angry and fed up with the things that were happening. But either way I played a part in it. I could've taken you with me when I went down to the police station but I did not. I told you to stay their because I believed he wouldn't go looking for you at my house I thought you'd be safe."

"Well on the bright side I don't remember that happening so even if you did tell me that it is okay because it is still not your fault. Now would you stop blaming yourself and give me a hug already?" I hear Lahlani say as Anna nods her head and pulls her into a hug.

"Hi babe." I say when she looks up at me when I walked towards them.

"Hi Nathan." Anna says turning around and facing me as did Lahlani.

"Nathan I was wonder if I could talk to you for a minuet alone?" Anna says me knowing exactly what is that e wants to talk to me about.

"Uh, yeah I don't see why not."
"Okay, than I guess I'll go find Lilly than. Just come find me when your done talking. Good luck Nathan. And I'm glad I don't get to stand here and have an awkward conversation that involves you Anna." Lahlani laughs before walking away.

"Okay, so I'm guessing you already know what we need to talk about right?" Anna says as soon as Lahlani wasn't at a earshot distance.

"Yeah, wait I still have your blessing right?"

"Yes, of course. I'd love to see you two together I mean not that you guys aren't together now. What I mean is I don't want you to wanna marry her just because she is pregnant. I want you to marry her because you love her. Because your good for her you may not see it but you are. And with her I know that you will protect her from harm and put her first. When I see you with her I know that you are not another David. So tell me when are you going to do it?" Anna smiles.

"That's is really great to hear and I'm glad that you trust me with Lahlani. Oh and it is a surprise you will have to wait and find out like Lahlani everyone else. Well it is a little different for Lilly and you because you guys both now about it but still." I say as a smile uncontrollably finds it's way onto my face.

"Well than I guess where done here. Why don't you go find Lahlani." Anna says turning me around and ushering me to the way Lahlani went. As we walked into the room the where Lahlani's friends are she was no where in sight. And Lilly was not their either.

Automatically going over to them asking where she is. Seeing the room was a bit quite beside the whispers people made as I walked into the room.

"Guys where is Lahlani?" I say and they all quickly turn around
They all looked surprised and upset. Well except for Xavier who just looked a little pissed off but still a little surprised.

Shanna I believe that is her name is the first to break the silence after they just stared at me for a minute.
"These white people showed up here no offense to you Nathan but it was a middle aged woman and a guy the that looked our age. But They accused Lahlani of doing stuff and threatened her about not keeping her mouth shut. They were calling her names and saying that she is a whore. We practically had hold Xavier back because he was ready to throw hand at the guy. But we were to focused on stopping Xavier that Lahlani basically killed the woman if looks could kill. Lahlani may have been crying but that didn't stop her from putting that bitch in her place until the woman whispered something in her ear and Lahlani was gone she ran out of the room and Lilly went to go look for her." Shanna say but she lost me at the word threatened instantly feeling my blood boiling already know who the man that was the woman was.
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Not even needing to say another word they all point towards one of the hallways saying, "she went that way."

"Which way did they go?" I practically shout seeing nothing but red. Getting angrier and angrier by the second.

"Uh I think the were heading towards the parking lot." Ashley says but I started walking as soon as I heard the word parking, already almost out the front door.
As soon the chili air hit me I see the man I told to stay away from Lahlani and an older woman who shares a small resemblance to him. Not even bothering to shut the doors to the gallery. While I feel myself getting hot feeling my blood boiling hot. Only focused on one and one thing only. And that was my fist connecting this son of a bitch's face.

Not even realizing that I was already in front of the him as he was about to open his car door. Without even thinking I tackle him to the ground ending up in the middle of the street towering over him Throwing punch punch after punch. Some may have thought doing this will help you get your anger out but it only made me even more angry.

As I am throwing punches ignoring the pain coming from my knuckles I find myself screaming at him feeling myself punching him harder as he tried a few swings on me which he expectantly missed.

"Not so tough when your not putting your hand on a woman are you! Like father like sons!* I scream hearing him groan and wince from the pain. But I continued.

"Was getting the shit kicked out of you earlier not enough! You had to come back for another!"

"Did you forget what I told you would happen if you very ever came near Lahlani ever again!" I yell throwing another punch feeling pointless slaps on back hearing a voice screaming for me to stop.

Getting ready to punch him again I hear Lahlani's sweet soft voice ring threw my ears already calming me down a little. But my fist are still raised.

"Nathan, Stop! Please"

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