4- present shopping

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Diana's p.o.v

Today is December 13 there are two days until Abby's birthday so where going shopping and might as well buy Lou's present and Christmas presents. all the boys are going and Evan. "ok so we will separate go look around and then at 4 we come back in the food court and eat" Abby says "you all know your partners right Michelle and Niall, Diana, Evan and Harry , Julie and Zayn, Louis and Fatima , and me and Liam" Abby said "got it now bye come Harry and Evan" I say we all walk in different direction "ok I need to go to forever 21 , h&m and Claire's to buy the girls presents then we will go buy the other boys ok" "ok" Harry and Evan answer we walk in forever 21 I buy the girl something from there and h&m and them at Claire's I buy us friendship bracelets "ok we're should we go to buy the boys presents" "how about that store" Harry points to a snapback store "yea" I say I bought Niall and Liam a snap back after that we went to a shoe store I bought Louis and pair of vans and toms for his birthday and Christmas and bought Harry and Zayn and Evan some shirts and now we were walking to the food court were we say Michelle and Niall there "hey gurl"I say "hey "what did you get" "some stuff you will have to wait to see until Christmas" "ok" later all the girls and boys came and we ate

Harry's p.o.v

Today was the worst day ever I got to hang with Diana yea I'm happy for that but guess who was there Evan I just wish I was the one who got to hold her when she needs a shoulder to cry on I want to be her boyfriend not him "thinking long and hard"my sister says "yea I just..never mind" "you like Diana don't you" "yea who told you" "Julie and Michelle you know you need to tell her and I'm sorry I paired you up with them" "it's fine but don't do it again" "I won't on less it just her not her and him" "ok I'm going to bed its been a long day" "are you sure there watching a movie" "yea I'm sure" "yea" "ok" I go to bed thinking about Diana.

Diana's p.o.v

I saw Abby walk up to Harry's room and then come down "where's Harry" I ask "he's going to bed" "oh Evan how long are you going to stay here" I ask "oh I don't know but not much I have too go to a baseball tournament" "oh when is that" "it's December 29 and I was going to ask you if you wanted to come" I stay silent for a while that's the same day as the Brits and I promised the boys I would go "wait Diana that's the same day as the Brits and you promised you would go" Lou says "but I already asked her so she would come to mine" Evan say "I'm sorry Evan but I did Promise the boys sorry" "so you would go with them instead of your boyfriend" "I'm sorry" "it's fine" he says and gets up and leaves the room "ugh I'm going to bed good night guys" I say and walk upstairs I get to my room and change into some pjs and go to bed thinking of what I'm going to do.should I go with Evan or the boys I haven't been to one of the boys Brits because I was with Evan maybe I would go with the boys but what will Evan do .

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