Chapter Fifteen- Road Trip To Road Kill

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Chapter Fifteen- Road Trip To Road Kill

June 19th: New Moon

    Everyone had left me behind to go see who the mysterious windshield hitter was. Honestly, I was happy for the alone time seeing as I now had a lot on my mind thanks to the menace known as Joseph. Had it really been necessary of him to freak me out with his "all knowing" crap and to say that whomever hit the windshield was after me? As they say ignorance is bliss and at that point I was okay with everything being hidden from me. Then again my horrid curiousity would likely make ignorance a very hard reality for me to accomplish.

    There was a bang at my window and I screamed, scrambling away from the door and grabbing any hard surface I could get my hands on. I could hear the car door opening up behind me and I screamed again, finally getting my hands on a golf club. Why there was a golf club in the car I didn't know, but at that moment I was beyond thankful for the fact. 

    I spun on my attacker, swinging with all my might in hopes that I would hit something solid like their head. At first I thought I might have been about to hit Andy and I wondered why in the world he was coming back to the car. Yet, when I looked down at the person now unconscious - a huge bump on their head - I could see distinctly that the only features Andy and this person had in common was the hair. That's when the scariness of the situation actually hit me. Someone had just tried to snatch me! 

    Under any normal circumstance - if you could call this normal - I would have been freaking out, but at this point I was starting to worry I was getting used to it. I felt a bit of panic as I stared down at the guy, but most of all I kept wondering why he'd tried to get at me in the first place. As far as I was concerned I'd made no contact with anyone beside the boys, Courtney, David, Simone, and Gurtrude. Okay, it's a bit of a long list but I didn't recognize this guy laying on the ground. Unless I'd met him pre-memory loss. 

    That's when it struck me as scary that I'd had that dream about Lockheart, then Haden went missing. Not to mention this was happening now and this was all in the span of one day. This had to be more than a mere coincidence. Maybe the dream had been my mind's way of telling me that some stuff was about to go down and I needed to be ready. Now, if I wasn't in denial over the fact, it would be nice if these apparent werewolf powers would activate. Especially if I would have more encounters like this. Then again, I don't believe in werewovles (yet, who was I really kidding here)!

    "Dang Amanda, I didn't know you hated him that much. Then again, you two were ones to argue. Of course, you would only know that if you had your memory." This new speaker had stepped out of the trees and at first I was worried it would be Lockheart. However, it was obvious that I'd been seeing and hearing things this past instant and I wasn't sure whether or not it was a relief that the person coming out of the trees wasn't Lockheart. The reason being that he knew me anyhow and that was something to freak out about. 

    "I'm sorry," I said, stating in my sarcastic drawl that I obviously could have cared less about his unconscious cohort. "I wasn't aware that kidnapping was okay in your little world. So, I made sure to show him that kidnapping is illegal. You can thank me later...oh wait. You're about to end up next to him."

    Okay, okay I was getting waaaayyyy ahead of myself. Sometimes I wondered where all of my spunkiness came from because I'm pretty sure there was no way I would live up to the words I'd just spoke. I seriously was beginning to wonder if people just needed to tape my mouth permanately shut so I didn't get in conflict like this. If anyone was going to end up on the ground it was likely going to be me. It had to have been by some stroke of luck that I'd managed to bring that other guy down. 

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