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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1: Twins

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I pulled up to the spot where Kay told me to meet her. I got out of the car and pulled my camera out.

"Hola mi comadres it's Mia and today we're gonna meet up with the thick mami, love of my life Kayla. An her she is the lovely Kayla"

Kayla acted like hurt her leg and fell on to me holding on to my shoulder

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Kayla acted like hurt her leg and fell on to me holding on to my shoulder

"Sorry Mia but I've fallen for you"
"Dumb kid!"
" I know i know but I found something in my house today I think Ademir's friends left it and-"
"And you stole it"
"It's not stealing its borrowing"
"Sure but maybe tomorrow I gotta meet with ma twin"
"Oohhhh Mia I'm telling you now he's fine as hell"
"Okay whatever but he is doing some covers and he got permits so we'll be at seaside all night tonight so you can bring people with you if you want"
"Absolutely but I can't go with you?"
"No because it's just make up and dressing shit so I'll drop you off at home"
"Ugh fine"

We go in the car and I started driving to Kayla's house

"Mia who's car is this"
"You borrowed a spirit board I borrow cars"
"Oh my god Mia"
"Yea i know"

*time skip*

Mikey POV

"Come on Manfs she wasn't good for you anyway" Jake tried comforting me
"Whatever man"
"Manfs come on she didn't even have cheeks"
"I said whatever just leave me alone"
"Manfs I just-"

"Jake just leave him and both of you shut up" Ademir says looking at his phone which was ringing

"Hey Kayla your on speaker what's up?"

"Ohh the lovely Kayla"

"Hi Jake. Bro I need you to take me to sea side"
"Give me a good reason"
"Gonzalez's twins are in town"
"They can't even be in the same room together"
"But it's the beach and Marco has permits for crazy shit he's recording. Please Addie"

"Yea I guess" I said quietly

"Fine when you wanna go"
"5 minutes"
"Okay we'll go pick you okay"
"K thanks Addie"
"No problem Kay"

"So Addie huh" I say
"I'd beat you if you weren't upset"

I chuckle at his answer and change.

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