Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

There was a persistent beeping noise close to my ear. That's all I really knew.

It wasn't my alarm clock, I knew that because it didn't sound right. It was just a constant beep. As I slowly awakened, I became accustomed to a heavy weight on my legs. My eyes slowly peeled open, taking in the bright light from the room I was in. I blinked a few times, realizing it looked like I was in a hospital. Why was I in a hospital? My eyes drifted down to my legs, one of which was wrapped up tightly. My eyes widened as I noticed a platinum blonde boy resting on my legs. My heart rate picked up speed as I realized I didn't know this boy. Questions were swimming around my head as I tried to figure out what was happening. 

He was a cute boy, from what I could see. He was facing me with his cheek smashed into my leg. The one cheek that I could see was flushed and his eyes were squished shut as if he was trying to ward away a bad dream. I didn't know who it was, but looking at his face.. I calmed down. Not much, just something about the boy calmed me. Although, there were still tons of questions I wanted to ask. 

I don't know how long we stayed like that, with me just gazing into his face. But it all ended when his eyelashes started fluttering open, revealing bright blue crystal eyes. He opened his mouth and let out a yawn before settling those crystal orbs on me. His eyes widened and a smile lit up his entire face, revealing braces. He reached towards me and I reflectively flinched away. I immediately regretted it as his face fell for a second, before transforming right back into his beautiful smile.

"Hey, Brooklyn." He greeted me with an Irish accent. I felt my green eyes widen. Why did he have an Irish accent in Doncaster? It didn't make sense.

I opened my mouth to speak and realized my mouth was completely dry. I reached for a cup of water and drank it all in just a few seconds, wetting my lips once finished. His piercing eyes never left my face as I went through these motions. "How.." I paused. "How do you know my name? Who are you?"

"You don't know who I am?" His accent was thick, as he looked at me with worry.

"Should I?" I squinted at him slightly, trying hard to think of where I had seen him before. My mind kept drawing blanks.

"Uh, I'll be right back, alright love?" He seemed frantic, as his chair scraped back and he gave me a small smile before bolting out of the room. I felt guilty, but I had no reason to know him. I didn't know any Irish people.

I glanced around the hospital. It seemed way to fancy to be in my little town of Doncaster. It seemed.. Almost American. I shook my head to myself, rebuking that thought. I was in Doncaster, why would it seem American? I felt a slight ache in my head and reached up. I gasped as I felt what seemed like a gash from the left side of my forehead to the middle of my head. What had happened? I felt anxiety fill me and started panicking. Just then, the blonde from just a few moments ago burst in, followed by a nurse and three other boys I had never seen before. I did, however, immediately recognize my brother. My entire face lit up at the sight of him. He looked different, not a lot, just a little. He looked older, which was weird. His hair was messy and was shorter then before, he had a slight stubble on his jaw and his blue eyes gave away the fact that he was tired.

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