❁Cant Move On❁

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This chapter is dedicated to the characters in serial who is separated for years but can never move on from that one true love for like forever even if they are apart from each other for like ages.

In most of the Hindi serial with this story line at some point has exactly similar type of story.

Before getting separated, the girl will be pregnant with the baby or she just gave birth recently. After few years, before the meeting of protagonists, the guy will meet their child first and then his one and only so called true love!

Trust me, if I would get into such situation that my husband will leave me with the kid alone, I will never even turn back to look at him ever again! Even if we ever met somehow like in the serials, I would never turn back or trust him ever again.

And most importantly, who always thinks about the person who made your life miserable a decade ago? Like just suppose there was someone because of whom I got into huge HUGE trouble and separated say seven years back. I will never forget the incident but I wont be like remembering them and cursing that person every single day of my life! I definitely have better things to do.

But in serials, they just cant move on.

Here is sample story for you :


Karan and Suhana is married for 3 years now. Suhana is pregnant with their first ever baby and she is planning on surprising her husband with the news. Karan's mother never liked Suhana so plans something so that she will get out of the house because somehow she knows Suhana is pregnant. Eventually, she mix up poison in her son's milk which he drink every night.

[I also wonder if all the Indian people drink milk at night]

When Suhana takes the milk into their bedroom, Karan's mother barge into their room and say she saw Suhana mixing poison into that milk. When Karan doesn't believe her and tried to convince she is wrong, she drinks the milk herself and die. [Note that she didn't just collapse, she died] Suhana is shocked.

Now, someone from the family who is also involved in this evil plan, calls the doctor who is also involved in the plan. After doctor arrives at their house [because no rich people go to hospital or call ambulance] he checks up on her and after few general check up, he comes to know that she has drank the milk which had the strongest poison in the world. Now, the rare antidote happens to be with the doctor and no one wonders why. After giving antidote, Karan stays up all night in front of a god statue in his house and prays and suddenly a flower drops on his hand out of nowhere.

Viola! His mother came back to life!

Now its time to kick his wife out of the house.

And the very next day, he doesn't believe his wife because obviously mother comes first and all.

10 years later after she is being kicked out.

Suhana had found a guy friend after being kicked from the house, Jay for herself but they are never intense and not like love relationship because she can never move on from Karan and she is not supposed to. (Note the sarcasm)

Like wtf is wrong with sticking up to the person when they are never there by your side!? Just like any other girl, she friendzone Jay who is nice, lovable, caring and has every trait a husband needs to have because that makes a lot of sense.

And Karan turns violent and untrusting towards woman because of Suhana. In their family, they still talk about Suhana all day because that is normal, talking about the person who betrayed you 10 years back is a daily necessity.

At first, Karan somehow meets Suhana's 10 years old daughter, Kripa.

Somehow they meet, and Karan thinks she 'betrayed' him with that Jay because of the daughter because he never knew she was pregnant and there is another problem and later, like a lot later, all the problem gets sort out and they live happily ever after...

Scratch that, and then they will face new problem with new casts into the serial. And more decades later, Kripa grows up, Suhana develop one strand of gray hair where Karan's mother has two. And then new story line begins...


I know that is crappy and it was supposed to be crappy because I was trying it to sound it like a typical Hindi serial. I hope no one from the serial maker read this because they might actually use the idea and start new serial based on this story. 

So anyway, you see what I meant by the title?

The protagonists never fall for any other person at all! No matter what. And everyone talks about past until they meet "accidentally".

Have you never been in love, serial makers? If so, that makes a lot of sense. Because I don't think there is a lot of people who falls in love with only one person.

I don't mean people constantly falls in love, actually there does exists some people like that but what I mean is that even after being so much broken by what felt like a true love once upon a time, they eventually tends to develop feeling for other as well. And I'm pretty sure not much people even those who found true love, had fallen in love only once.

Its not the only one person, goddamn it!

It is so damn annoying how everyone is only after one true love in these serial.

Well, that's all for the chapter.

Help me with some chapter idea! It will be really helpful. :)

By the way, period pain + gastric attack is the worst kind of pain 😭

Until we meet next time :)

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