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This week has dragged by and the weekend has finally came and I have been wanting it to go away. I don't want to face this. My heart is already cracking at the sight of someone in my school going to meet the one I care deeply about. How come it couldn't be me going on the plane trip to meet up with him? Most importantly, why is she going to meet him in the first place? I'm starting to wonder if they're dating and he just didn't want to let me down. I feel a sharp pain in my chest at the thought of it and dismiss it.

Since it's Friday night, I decide to see what Tyler is doing and see if he wants to hang out to fill the void in my chest and take away my thoughts for Mike. I send over a quick text asking if he wants to come over and maybe watch a movie with me since my parents are gone away to eat for the night. He almost immediately texts me back saying he would be over in 40 minutes. I smile at the text and somehow wish that it was Mike's name instead.

I hear someone pounding on my front door and go to greet them when I realize it's raining heavy outside. Tyler rushes into the house before I can even say anything or even get the door open completely. I giggle to myself at the sight before me and walk to the bathroom to grab a towel for him to wipe off with.

"Here, use this." Handing him the towel, he gives me a soft smile and continues to wipe himself off.

We head to my bedroom and sit down on the floor infront of my gigantic movie stack and we giggle and fight over which movie to watch. I already knew he would want to watch something scary, and he knew that I would suggest Titanic before anything. We could never decide on which movie to watch but we finally agreed to watching one of his stupid scary movies.

I'm not sure how we ended up like this but during the midst of the movie we are laying down in my bed and I have my head in his side with one of my arms wrapped against his body. With the quiet, soothing rain, and Tyler next to me has put me into a trance. I feel myself falling asleep as each second passes and I can't fight this anymore and with that I hug Tyler tighter and close my eyes.

I awake in the middle of the night in a panic with someone on my chest and realize it's Tyler. I curse under my breath knowing that this wasn't suppose to happen an I can feel my head pounding. I check my phone to see if I had any texts from anyone but mostly Mike. I didn't have anything though, and it made my anger fuel. When I look down at Tyler, his face is worry free and he looks as if he's somewhat content with what's going on. I'm debating on wether to wake him up or not, and within seconds my mind it drifts to Mike.

Shaking him lightly on the shoulder, he grunts a bit before adjusting his eyes to me.

"Hm?" he softly mumbles.

"We fell asleep and I don't need my mom coming in here so you might need to go." I give a hasty reply.

"Uh, sure. Text me tomorrow and we can hopefully finish another movie."

It's Saturday morning and last night has confused me even more. I'm not sure as to what my feelings for Tyler are and it's getting a bit frustrating when I think about it. I can't hep but think that I'm using Tyler as a bit of a support system as Mike and I aren't on the best of terms. He texted me early this morning saying he missed our talks and how today he was still going to be busy and even more tomorrow. I can't help but feel that sharp pain in my chest when my thoughts are averted to Hailey. How can she be on her way to see Mike and how come she is? All of these questions fuel inside of me and I'm about to boil over. With our distance, I can't just go to him and see what's going on. I have to sit here and wait.

Looking over at my phone, I decide to go on Instagram and look at Hailey's profile. She hasn't posted in a week so that didn't really help me what so ever. I type in Mike's user name and before I click it, I have a battle in my mind.

Should I do this?
What if I see something I don't want to?

I decide to click on his username and sure enough, there's the proof I have been wanting. His most recent photo is Hailey and him, arms wrapped around each other smiling.


My heart has shattered. I'm not sure exactly as to what I am feeling right now. All I know is, it isn't good. I have grown feelings for Mike over the past months and I can't suppress them. I'm starting to think that I won't ever not feel this way about him. It's been such a short time but my feelings have been nothing but strong for him. I see him when I wake up and I see him when I close my eyes at night. He consumes my mind.

I feel a wetness at the corner of my eye and I wipe it away knowing that crying won't solve anything. With my phone in my hand, I call Tyler and ask him to come over tonight. He agrees and now I sit, waiting in my room.

We decide to watch Titanic and I'm just not feeling it right now. All my body and feelings are towards Mike and I'm so angry at everything I can't begin to comprehend. Tyler and I are once again laying down together and he has his arm around my waist moving his fingers in tiny circles into my skin. I know I should tell him to move away but all I am seeing is red right now. I look up at him and he looks down at me with a slight grin. I feel as if my stomach might come out of me, and I can't break the eye contact. He looks down at my lips and I start to panic on the inside.

His lips attach to mine and I feel the sense of familiarity of it and it takes me a moment to finally catch up as to what is happening. I can feel the lump in my throat when his hands start to make their way down my sides and onto my hips. My mind is no longer attached and I feel like jello. I can't find my voice to tell him to stop and when I feel his hands creep onto my belt buckle, I feel the wetness in the corner of my eyes. All I can get out of me is a whimper and even that seems to make his urge for me more immediate. His hands and mouth aren't the ones that I dream about each night when I lay awake thinking about if he was here with me. I think about feeling Mike's facial hair against my cheeks and neck. Feeling Tyler's smooth skin makes my stomach turn and that's when I finally speak up.

I push his chest and whisper stop, but he doesn't seem to notice or even care. I can feel pools of tears in my eyes and I push his chest a bit harder. His lips detach from the skin of my neck and he looks at me. I'm filled with mixed emotions but I can finally feel my legs when he gets off of me and looks at me as if I have grown three heads.

"What in the hell Addison?" He yells and I flinch at his harsh tone.

"You invite me over, cuddle with me and expect me not to even kiss you? You have given me mixed signals and I'm tired of it." I look at him and think to myself,

Mixed signals? I told you I wanted to be friends? Sorry I cuddled you.

"Isn't like we haven't done this before, yeah? Why is it so different now? You're such a fucking bitch now and I don't even know who you are anymore." He takes a deep breathe and I can't seem to find any air to fill my lungs.

"You're a no good piece of shit. I hope you know this. You think that just because I have new friends that you're good enough for me now?"

So that's what this is about, he thinks I'm too good enough for him.

I still can't put my sentence together to tell him to leave as he looks down at me and stares. His face is still red with anger and he opens his mouth and I flinch knowing it won't be good but, I feel a bit better when the words leave his mouth,

"Forget it."

With that he walks out of my sight, and I can hear my front door shut. Along with the door that held us.

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