Too young?

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      I'm just letting you know this one isnt really a smut.

         Draco and I were walking to the Slytherin common room after our first day of our first year. Draco and I have been best friends since we were just 2 years old, so we know each other very well. We arrived at the Slytherin common room at 9:00 pm no one was in there. I guess everyone was tired after the first day. Then, Draco spoke to me

" Hey (y/n)?"

" Yeah Draco." I asked. He didnt answer me. He all of a sudden  pushed me against the wall. He grabbed my little hands in his and he said

" Today is the day I show you how I feel." He then slammed his lips into mine. We stayed like this for a few minutes until we backed away for a breath. He went to my neck and started sucking there which felt really good. I had always loved Draco, but I never thought he loved me back.

" Draco we're too young...we're only 11." I told him while he was leaving hickeys on me.

" Too young? (y/n) we're not gonna have sex. I just want to make-out with you. I love you (y/n) I always have." Draco whispered. " Do you want me to stop, love?"

" No, just we need to go somewhere private."  

Draco nodded. " Okay, lets go to my dorm. I have my own thanks to my father." He said proudly.

" Okay lets go." I whisper/shouted. Draco grabbed my hand and we tip-toed to his dorm. As soon as we got to his dorm, he opened the door and we both walked in. He shut the door and locked it. 

" Make your self at home (y/n)." Draco said. I nodded, and walked over to his bed and layed down. Draco walked over to the bed and layed down beside me and he whispered in my ear

" Will you be my girlfriend?"

" Yes!" I exclaimed. He smiled really big and then  kissed me again for a while when I said

" Draco it's getting late I should really get going back to my dorm."

" Nope your sleeping with me like old times." He smirked.

"Fine, but as long as you promise me these things." 

"What?" Draco asked.

" First you can never cheat on me. Second I want you to kiss my neck until I fall asleep." I ordered.

" Okay I promise.... (y/n) Malfoy" Draco smiled. I blushed madly as he said " Oh dont worry about  your pajamas, I know a spell that will put your pajamas on." 

"Okay." I said. Draco then grabbed his wand and whispered a spell. Then before I knew I was in green pajamas. Then Draco did the spell on himself and then he was in silver pajamas. 

" Well, come on (y/n) lets go to bed." Draco said. I pulled the covers over us and Draco wrapped his arm around me while kissing my neck. 

" I love you baby." Draco whispered.

" Oh shut up and keep kissing my neck,but I love you too babe." I laughed. I closed my eyes with the feeling of Draco's mouth on my neck. What a great day!

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