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The scenes replayed over and over again. Judra drawing the slip. Cifi dropping my hand. Cifi going offstage. They got mixed up, they changed colors, it was just a big, colorful, horrible mess.

It cut off during the middle of Cifi dropping my hand, and I thrashed around, before opening my eyes. 

A wide-eyed Breeze stared back at me. I glanced around, my heart pounded erractically in my ribcage. The walls were a sickly green, my forehead and temples were pounding, and I had adrenaline pumping pumping through my muscles, making them buzz. 

So I did what any other horrified, andreneline filled, teenage girl would do: Scream. 

I screamed as loud as possible, I screamed until most of the fear and horror and sadness from my dreams had dissipated. I then proceeded to collapse on my pillow, sobbing. 

I didn't know how much time had passed, but when the sobs left my body, I was faintly aware of a voice, "...side effects from the meds..she'll be okay...."

I slowly sat up, my ribs sore from laying on my stomach. Breeze slapped his hands over his ears, "Please don't scream again."

I laughed a little, surprised at how hoarse I was. I frowned, rubbing at the throbbing in my temples, "What happened?"

Breeze pointed to his right, "Ask him."

To his right stood a tall, very attractive young man. He looked about mid-thirties, had sandy blonde hair, and deep green eyes, kind of like Breeze's. His eyes looked like he had seen lots of suffering, lots of pain. Since when have I become all philisophical? I must have drugs in my system...

The attractive stranger grinned, "Fina, good morning. How are you feeling?"

I chose my answer carefully, trying to come off as funny,  "Kind of like I just got stepped on by Bigfoot."

He chuckled, "Sounds about right. Do you remember anything about last night?"

I shook my head, "Nope." I honestly had no idea. All I remember is waking up this morning.

He sighed, "Those must have really hit your system."

"What hit my system?" I asked, curious.

He fiddled with a notepad, "Mextopolion. Vascrip Jav attacked you last night, and the syringe he stabbed you with was filled with Mextopolion."

The details were fuzzy, but I sort of remembered. One piece of this metaphorical puzzle was missing, "Who rescued me?"

I noticed Breeze straightened his back a little. He cleared his throat a little, "That would be me."

The attractive stranger wiggled his eyebrows, causing laughs to spill out of my mouth. 

He winked at Breeze, "I think Breezy boy has a crush over here."

Breeze turned around, glaring, "Shut up Dad!"

Say what? "You're related?"

Breeze's dad ruffled Breeze's hair, "Yep. He has my looks." He said, smirking.

Breeze only sighed. I shifted positions, and groaned a little as my sore muscles stretched out. 

Breeze's father gave me a sympathetic look, "It's side effects from the drugs."

I gave up and shifting around, it hurts too much, "What are all the side effects anyway?"

He paused for a moment, a dimple appearing on his face as he thought, "Sore muscles, hallucinations, nightmares, and mood swings."

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