chapter 4

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After I had gotten dressed and now that Alpha was officially dry, we walked down to the dining room, food was about served.

I had agreed to let Daryl stay in this room with me, but on the condition that Alpha was sleeping in between us. Neither of us wanted to sleep on the floor so this seemed like the only logical solution at the time. 

I walked into the dining room to see Jenner hulling plates of food from the kitchen to the table "Here let me help you" I said to him as I picked up another plate off the kitchen counter and walked back into the dining room and put it on the table, and repeated this process a few times over "Thanks" Jenner said to me and I gave him a simple nod "Would you mind giving me extra samples of your blood, I tested it on the infection and it's really true, your immune and so is your dog, you kinda make a perfect match" "Ya I can give you a blood sample, after dinner." I said with a smile. He clapped his hands together "Great! If you wouldn't mind calling everyone down for dinner" I held my hand up "No need" then I looked down at Alpha and said "Howl" Alpha did as such, she howled at the top of her lungs. 

Within 3 minutes everyone came running into the dining room, "What the hell was that?" Andrea demanded to know, I gave a smirk "That was Alpha calling you to dinner" I told her and took a seat at the end of the table, opposite of Jenner.

Everyone sat down as well, except Jenner who went back to the kitchen and brought out a water and food dish for Alpha. He set them next to my chair and took his seat as grumbles were heard from people sitting at the table, mumbling that I could have just come and gotten them instead of scaring the crap out of them like that. But come on, wheres the fun in that.

We enjoyed our food, with lite banter and conversation with all around, I stayed quiet, I studied them seeing who I could trust or not. 

Seeing as how I just met these people less than a week ago, they didn't have my full trust yet.

Glen looks like a character I could use for a friend, to trust in the long run, Rick was a definite yes. He used to be a sheriff, the training and care they use on the job, for protecting the innocent, just doesn't leave you that easy, it stays with you till the end, unless you're some kind of messed up. Shane, I noticed was the, do what you have to, to get things done person. I don't think I want to be on his bad side, best just stay out of his way. Especially with that threat he gave me earlier today, I bet he would have no problem carrying it out. So it's best to say he's out. Daryl could be a good asset if he would stop being a redneck. 

Wait a minute, what am I doing? Am I really determining whether or not to trust certain people in the group? I don't even know these people and their all probably going to be dead sooner or later anyway. New plan, don't side with anyone. Stay out of internal conflicts and only do what you absolutely have to to maintain a position in the group. This is survival, not some stupid TV show.

I was brought back into conversation when Carol asked me "So, Rin. Tell us about yourself" she smiled and lifted a fork of food to her mouth "Ya, Rin, Tell us about yourself" Shane inquired snidely. 

I gave a sigh, I knew the questions would have to eventually be asked and then I would have to answer them.

"Ok. Well, my full name is Alexandra Leigh Pierce. My friend gave me the name rhino, and so Rin just became the shortage of it. So people call me Rin. I had 2 siblings, one of which died and the other is off on his own somewhere. I dunno where. He's surviving that I know." I shrugged "I've been partners with Alpha since I was 10-" I was interrupted by Carl, who was sitting to my right "What do you mean partner? Alpha's a dog, a pet how can you be partners with a pet." I giggled at his accusation. "Alpha is a wolf, full blooded wolf. I found her in the woods, her mom had abandoned her. She is no pet, and she's smarter than any dog. I say partner because it's a mutual agreement between us. I can't make her do anything she doesn't want to" Alpha had just finished off her bowl of food and stood to her feet. I rubbed her head and continued with the conversation. "I was going to be a vet, before everything happened. Truth be told, I love animals more than people. Which is probably why I haven't joined a group until now. It's just been me and Alpha... in nature. Kinda like an on going hunt that never ends." I looked up from my wolf.

"Then why are you with us, joining our group? If you're so in tune with nature and ya been on yer own for so long, why are you here?" Shane asked me. I looked over across to him, he was a few people down from where Carl sat, but I gave him the most calm look and answered him with a smile. "Sometimes the silence... can get a little bit to much for you. Being alone... not in the sense of aloneness, but without people. It gets hard." I told him. I looked over to Daryl, he gave me a look and I know he knew what I was talking about.

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