Tears Turned to Pouring Rain

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Even in those moments when my tears turned to pouring rain,

I bowed my head standing alone against the deluge;

My resolve, my only strength as the world tries to break me.

Time supposedly heals all wounds,

But time moves too quickly to grasp that I am nothing but pain,

Hidden behind a fake smile, a robotic laugh, a false interest.

If time supposedly heals all wounds, then I will be its greatest undertaking.

This broken heart, broken soul, and shattered pieces of hope,

Cut open my skin as I try to crawl, then walk toward something sane.

Bloodied footprints show me where I've been;

While shards of my broken life liter the only road to somewhere else.

This path inflicts deeper and deeper wounds with each step,

Reminders of how I laughed when I said things couldn't get any worse.

Believing in you was easy, as you handed me love in a bedazzled picture frame;

Trust though, is a fragile thing, easily broken,

Truth on the other hand is easily replaced with sad, self-serving justifications.

I question the very nature of the beast called love,

Running at it with sharp instruments trying to make it bleed for its claim,

That it would be forever, that it would be kind, that it would be mine.

When love failed me I questioned my heart, my words, my actions,

Wondering how I trusted "truth", how I trusted "love", how I trusted you...

Wondering why I was not enough, why I am never enough.

Even in these moments, when my tears turn to pouring rain,

I bow my head, standing alone against the deluge,

And take one painful step onto the road toward somewhere else,

Bloodied footprints show me where I've been,

My resolve, my only strength as the world tries to break me,

But I take a step, and then another because... time supposedly heals all wounds.

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