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Clearing my throat I excused myself from the awkward situation. He also moved forward and pulled a chair for me to take.

I took my place on my respective seat on the left side of the main chair. He placed himself on the main chair. Soon after some females in a maid attire came out of a room with dishes which is probably food. The aroma of the food is making me realize that how hungry I am since I haven't eaten anything because of the attack and I don't know how long I have been travelling but something is clear that was a long time since I am really hungry.

Soon they all placed the dishes on the table and removed their lids exposing wonderful dishes. He gestures with his hand and I did not wasted a single minute and pour myself a healthy amount of food and dig into it.

The only thing that can be heard is chattering of forks and spoon with the plate. Awkward silence. I know he is the king. I have lived the royal life and I know how a king lives and orders around. But the question is what I am doing here? I am not supposed to be here. And all the thing I have heard about females being held captive- they are abused and are treated badly- but both of the things are not happening to me. In fact I have been treated properly since the time I have came here.

So what these people want from me? I know that the source of all the answers to my questions is sitting just beside me and I also know that he would not tell me anything just like before so it is a stupid thing to reopen that matter with him again yet. So instead to bear the awkward silence I chose to start a conversation.

"Hmm... Soo.. what is your name?" I questioned with a little hesitancy-because of the possibility of him ignoring me- that will be utter humiliation.

He immediately looked at me diverting his eyes from the food. Those black orbs when shine they look the most beautiful thing ever. And right now I am seeing that most beautiful thing.

"It's Xander William Knights"

Xander . What a beautiful name.

Ok now what? What is there to ask to continue​ the question. Nothing. But all I want to ask is about why I am here? And where is my father? Because not knowing where my father is killing me.

Thinking about my father made me realize that he had attacked my kingdom which means that if he had won my father must have been a captive of him all this time and here I am enjoying my time of life eating delicious foods and commenting his name as beautiful. How could I?

Sudden anger bubbled into me and the question left my mouth before I could register it.

"So did you win?" I said with venom clear in my voice and throwing him the meanest glare I could have muster. His posture instantly tensed and I know that he got the point on which I am talking about.

"What are you talking about?" He said throwing deadly glares at his food.

He exactly knows what I am talking about.

But still I elaborated so he can not play innocent for too long.

"Did you win the attack, you know the one you did on my kingdom" I said in a mocking tone.

His grip on the fork and knife he is holding in his hands tightened and he ignored me.

So he thinks that he can just ignore me. That is something I won't let him do this time. Last time he didn't answer my questions but this time I want to know at least about my father.

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