Chapter Seven

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I turned around and came face to chest with a man. He was dressed in royal attire, and smelt like roses. I raised my head and gasped.

This man was absolutely handsome. His face was like a sculpture, the strong features making him have a resting war face.

His eyes were very similar to the King's, a dark stormy gray. Darker than the King's.

"Um, who are you? "

He smiled and grabbed my hands as he got on his knees.

"I, my dear Queen, am the Prince Nathaniel James Moore the third. I am prince of Srey,  pleasure to make your acquaintance. "

I blushed as he placed generous pecks on both of my pale hands before standing.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance Nathaniel. "

He smiled,  showing off the perfectly straight teeth he possessed.

"The pleasure is all mine. "

I nodded.

"I'm trying to find the kitchen, do you by any chance know where it is? "

He nodded and held my hand as he led me the opposite way that I was going.

I passed my room, the door still open.
I watched as the paintings passed by me one by one.

"Here we are. "

I stared at him in shock. What?  We were here that quick. I need to pay attention more.

"Well thank you Nathaniel. "

He bowed and left. I stood dumbfounded. I forget what I came in here for in the first place.

I sighed, "Oh well I could always ask the cook for something. "

I turned around in the empty kitchen. It seemed like no one was here.

"Hello? Is any one here at the moment? "

I fell a little as I was impacted from behind.

"Oh dear I'm so sorry I've been busy trying to get the kings banquet dinner done. You must be the Queen. It's an honor to make your acquaintance Your Majesty. "

The small plump woman curtsied and grabbed my small hand in her flour covered one.

"I am no Queen. Ma'am,  do you think I could get a small glass of water? I would be most grateful. "

She nodded and led me to a small cupboard. She pulled out a bucket and grabbed a ladle. The women scooped up some crushed clear substance and poured water in it.

"The solid in it is frozen water all the way from Casia. The coldest kingdom in the continent. "

I nodded my head and took a sip from the glass. The water was not hot like I was used to and was very cold.

My eyes widened. It was refreshing.

"Thank you ma 'am. This is new to me ."

She shook her head in acknowledgement and walked back to where she came from.

I walked out of the kitchen into the long hallway almost identical to the one I had came from.

This was gonna be hard.

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