Chapter 27: Secrets✔️

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It's odd.

Before, I always knew if he were fighting with a fellow warrior, my soul knowing deep in my bones, but now it is like a tinkling sensation through my body, sending me a beacon of worry that urges me to follow the enchantment, to follow until I have arrested the cause of this sense of danger that I feel from my mate.

I can see now why these people find such worth in these small enchantments, a warning sign that will always be with them and now with us as we train, not in any real danger, but a danger all the same. I can only imagine what it must feel like when a real threat comes our way.

I now spend half of my days with Nel, the other half on the training fields, trying to gain as much knowledge as I can, trying my hardest to be of use.

People no longer glare as infuriatingly as before, choosing instead to ignore me.

Nel seems to pay me no mind, content to let her lackeys watch over me as she does her own work. She seems quite busy these days, rushing around, quite secretive if you ask me because she spends most of her time in the sanctuary, the door closed shut.

Now is one of those such occasions and though I am not allowed in the potions room, I sneak away, walking past Nyna and into the grand apothecary of sorts.

At first, I do not seem to understand her fascination with keeping me out, but as my eyes fasten to the back of the room, along the shelves of books I start to get an inkling.

I shuffle quickly over, staying out of sight in case of an interruption and scan the covers, finding nothing out of the ordinary until I notice an elven symbol, one I have seen on many of my fathers history books, and I tug it out, surprised to find how old it is and what great condition it has been kept in.

I flip through it, finding nothing that peeks my interest, quickly scanning past some parts, not really looking, almost missing a page that is folded at the corner, obviously done centuries in the past, most likely by Nel herself, if this indeed is her book. Sorcoress' have very long life spans, even longer than my own kind.

The page is faded, obviously gone over time and time again and there is a note scrawled on the edge in a writing that I find to be oddly recognizable though I have never once seen it's like.

I will find you again, my love, as I always do, as the stars accompany the moon, I will accompany you in our lives to come, no matter what may come.

And on the page is a spell, ancient and forbidden, that I start to remember deep in the recesses of my bones, of my very soul and I immediately tuck it away, hidden and out of sight, because I may need it in the days to come, a secret that I know has hurt us through our lives, a secret that maybe I wasn't meant to find in this cycle, I think as I picture that tapestry, the one I am so taken with in my minds eye before completely tucking it all away, closing the book and haphazardly tucking it back into place turning to face Nel, her lip curled.

"I told you to stay out of this room, did I not Deary?" And for once I do not hear the usual hatred and ire in her voice, for once I notice the way she holds her elbows close, as if she were disappointed in herself and I quickly rush out, trying to forget the disappointment in her gaze.

As I leave the healer's den, I start to feel a darkness wrap around me, a sense of foreboding, and I feel as though I am being watched, by a person or a God I do not know, but I hurry my footsteps as I close in on Rhovan's location.

He notices the difference in me right away, pulling me to the side, away from the ears of high ranking warriors. I had obviously interrupted a meeting and I feel guilty immediately.

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