I'm a Normal Girl...I swear...with just some super powers 1

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Chapter 1 - I'm a normal Girl...I swear...with just some super powers.

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Hi. I'm a normal girl with blue eyes with a tint of green making them an unusual aqua color, paired with dyed jet black hair and natural light tan. I'm 5'6 and I'm a-to-be junior in high school plus I'm on the swim team at school. I get As and Bs in school and

I'm a Normal Girl. I swear...with just a teeny tiny difference.....

I'm a mage. It may sound cool and it pretty much is if you can pull it off BUT for me its more of a pain in the butt than anything. Every year for my birthday I wish my life would be that of a normal teenage girl because then I wouldn't have to go to mage school everyday after normal school. Yup. Double schooling. Ugh. To top that off my magic powers still haven't awakened yet so I can't do anything in class but sit through boring theories. (even though most of the time I put my hoodie up and just listen to music and tune the teacher out XP).Ya and I thought being a mage would be easy at first like a flick of a wand or something and kabamm! Magic. You know, like in the movies. To top everything off, I'm the only one in my mage class who can't do any magic because people who's talent hasn't awakened yet are not allowed to go. Yet here I am and apparently as an exception and I haven't awakened yet. I don't exactly know why but my theory is that I got switched as a baby in the hospital. But that theory wouldn't work since my parents have the same eye color as me. I asked my parents once and they said something about a clan that we are part of so I have to go. What a pain. Stupid ancestors.

You know how every story starts with an alarm clock? Well mine does too except for the fact that my alarm clock is my mom waving a wand that makes a ringing noise in my ear until I roll out of bed so I can't throw the alarm clock against the wall(which was the fate of all my previous alarm clocks and why she refuses to buy another one). I swear I hate being a part of a mage family with a pure passion. So with no other choice I roll out of bed. At first I can't remember why I'm up so early and I grab my Hawaiian towel and go to the bathroom to get clean. I unconsciously brush my teeth. Then I take off my monkey printed pajama pants and my white tank off and turn the shower on. I jump in washing my hair and all and then clean myself off. I wrap my towel around myself. Finally awake, I look at the bathroom clock. What its only 6:00! Why am I up so early during summer! Wait. NO WAY. First day of school! Crap! I ran into my room in my towel with my hair dripping. I blow dried my hair which reached just below my waist and above my hips. I slipped on my under clothing and stared into my gigantic but necessary mirror. Hmmm. What to wear to the first day of school? I opened my walk in closet. I picked out a pair of blue knee covering capris with an oversized black shirt that said "rock on" on it. I tucked in the front so it bulged a little and let the back hang out in a cool fashion (not the nerdy tuck in thing). I slipped on a bunch of rubber like bracelets.(all red and black) put some eye liner on. I picked out my red converse and ran down stairs.

There two brothers were sitting with my dad while my mom was making breakfast. My whole family had the same natural eye color but they kept changing. Apparently, according to my parents, they keep changing when your awakened. But my Dad and mom wore brown colored contacts to work to keep from being questioned at work. My dad had brown hair and was pretty young along with my strawberry blonde mom. She looked like see used to be one of those cheerleader girls but my mom was a lot different. Way to mature and spunky. Dad was cool and a little less embarrassing. He was sitting on the dinning table sipping his coffee while reading the newspaper. My younger brother however, refused to wear contacts and he died his hair jet black like me. His powers had been awakened so his eyes kept changing. He used it as an attention grabber. Ugh. He was such a playboy. He was a bit skinny but had really nice toned muscles that he like to show off whenever he could. He was still in his Pjs, a tight black sleeveless shirt that hugged his emphasized toned muscles and abs with his superman printed pajamas.

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