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BEIGE Entertainment's New Girl Group Revealed

SoonYoung_Official | June 30, 2017

Recently this week, BEIGE Entertainment had released individual teaser photos for their first girl group. This morning, they had revealed their final teaser photo.

 This morning, they had revealed their final teaser photo

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Source: @BeigeOfficial on Instagram

Netizens have been waiting for the group's debut tomorrow. They have already received a lot of love from the fans, gaining thousands of likes and comments in their teaser photos from Instagram.



sofaraway01: #supportvibe

h00tDuge: There's so many girl groups nowadays i'm afraid they'll be overshadowed :(

cYEclops: i know they're like a visual group but who knows their vocals, rap, and dance might suck
Reply: jigeumoon: stfu u don't know how to rap dance nor sing
banunshi: stop judging you don't know they might be a triple threat or what
cYEclops: i'm just stating an opinion wtf is wrong with u people
jigeumoon: well then we're just stating the truth, wtf is wrong with u

SaranghaeBTS: ooo i wonder how CEO Kook and CEO Lisa came up with this

sFFF9: I'm in love with the group name and logo <3

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