Hit Me Up

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dedicated to kisabellapena and someone else on insta I FORGOT WHO U WERE IM SORRY

You woke up to the sound of your ringtone. *CLUB GOIN UP, ON A TUESDAY!* 'Ughhh who's calling me?' You rolled over in your bed and grabbed your phone, dropping it in shock when you felt how hot it was. You quickly grabbed your phone and answered the call.

"Hey honey, it's 1pm, you might wanna wake up." You heard your mom's voice come through the speaker. "I'm gonna go run some errands. I'll be back in an hour." You groaned.

"Ok then. Bye mom." You spoke into your phone. When the call ended, you dropped your overheating phone.

"Why the hell are you so hot? And why am I talking to inanimate objects?" You pressed the home button to see why your phone was freaking out. It lagged for a few seconds and when it finally turned on, you saw your phone was flooded with notifications. 'WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!' You quickly unlocked your phone and turned off push notifications. It started to perform at it's normal speed. You opened instagram to see that somehow overnight you had gained over 1,000 followers and thousands of likes. You got an incoming call from Kendal. You picked it up immediately.

"YOUR ACCOUNT IS BLOWING UP, BITCH!" her voice almost broke your speaker.

"GIRL CHILL. AND I KNOW!" you laughed back.

"I guess people picked up on your little youtube comments." she said.

"I'm kinda surprised it didn't happen sooner to be honest." you scrolled through all of the notifications on your phone.

"Oh, hey, the twins are texting us again." She notified you.

"I don't think I'll ever be over that." You smiled.

"What, the fact that they notice us normally? Cause yeah same." You finally grabbed your glasses and sat up in your bed. You hung up the call after saying bye to Kendal.

Ethan: since we need to talk to your parents today, we should probably figure out a time to call you guys tonight

Kendal: yeah, that'd be a good idea ;D

Grayson: so, angelene is three hours ahead of us and kendal...?

Ethan: she's two hours ahead of us

Ang: yup
Ang: how about 1 pm for you guys?

Kendal: Yeah, by 3 pm my mom would be home from from work

Ethan: yeah, we're good

Grayson: we'll talk to you soon :)

Kendal: ttyl

Ang: bye :)

You rolled out of bed and got ready, putting on some shorts and a sweatshirt. You went down and ate breakfast while watching tv. All of a sudden, your phone starts ringing with a call. 'Who is this, an unidentified number?' You furrow your brow and pick up.

"Hello? Who am I speaking to?" You asked, decided to reveal no information to caller.

"Hey sexy. Its Chad." You heard a slick voice. You felt the blood drain from your face.

"How the fuck did you get my phone number, you dickhead?" You tried to stop your voice from shaking.

"Awww, is someone scared? You don't have to be scared of me baby. I know you want me." Chad's voice had a rough edge to it. Painful memories flashed through your head when he called you that. 'Baby, i love you... baby i need you... baby i want y- NO. I will NOT let him affect me like this.'

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