His Fake Girlfriend

Chapter 18- Illusion

So, I’ve been told that it should be common sense not to blind fold your date in the middle of the night to an unknown location. Well, I’m just that badass that I ignore that common sense and do it anyways no matter what protests I get. Typical Sky, telling me that I’m crazy, immature, and discourteous. I guess, to be honest, Sky wouldn’t know where I’d be taking her anyways because she doesn’t know where we are. So I guess the blind fold was mostly for my benefit to take pictures without her knowing and just to get a rise out of her.

Truth be told, I was winging it as I went along. I knew all I wanted to do was park the truck at the park, sit in bed of the truck, eat some dinner, and go with the flow with the rest. I was starving, I could eat my portion and Sky’s portion right now and Sky wouldn’t even know it. But I am a gentleman unlike what Sky said.

“Are we almost there?” Sky asked, leaning against the door when I turned right quickly.

“Possibly.” I teased, knowing I was getting her worried.

“You’re horrible. I know you know what you’re doing and nice try trying to scare me because it’s not working.” She admitted sticking her tongue out in my direction, “You know, I would have been perfectly fine sitting around your house, eating dinner with your family and watching our movies.” She comments, folding her hand on her lap.

She won’t be saying that after this. I parked on an open field near the park. No one was around, it was already dark being eight at night. I parked the truck, telling Sky to wait for me. When I got out of the car I jogged to the bed of the truck, and spread out the blanket I left back there and turned on the camper lanterns. I helped Sky out of the passenger seat and grabbed the food stashed away by her feet.

“Can I take the blind fold off?” Sky asked, holding my hand tightly as she walked on the grass for the first time.

“Twenty seconds.” I told her, getting the truck ready. I stood Sky at the back of the truck and slowly took the blind fold off. “I remember you told me simple so that’s what I aimed for.” I told her when I revealed the set up to her.

I saw the smile etch on her face as she took it all in. Sky got simple- but thoughtful- as she favored. I got some old blankets from the house and opened them up so we had a cushion to sit on, along with a few of my mother’s throw pillows from the living room that I hope she wouldn’t mind me taking or using outdoors. A few camper lanterns on the corners of the bed of the truck gave us enough light. Even a small speaker that I could connect my phone to so we could listen to some music. I placed our food in the middle of the space, and what Sky didn’t know is that I have cupcakes and a candle to make it seem like it’s her birthday.

“This is so sweet of you.” She whispered happily with a huge shocking smile on her face.

“I couldn’t let your birthday pass without doing something. Besides, it makes up for forgetting it.” I insisted. I motioned for her to hop in as I helped her out. She sat on one of the sides of the truck and I sat on the opposite side facing her.

“Where are we?” She asked looking around in the dark.

“At a park. The playground is right around, somewhere in that direction.” I indicated, waving my hand somewhere behind her. She squinted looking for it but only could pick up the bold red slide.

“So, what do you got in there?” Sky asked, peaking to take a look.

“Caesar salad and Pasta Primavera.” I told her taking out the large salad container out first, then two plates and two bowls.

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