Walk of Shame

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Marilyn Ward was simply a maid for the most dangerous and deadliest gangster in all America even though he was from half Italian, she longer for him hopeless to say she was madly in love with him.

Who wouldn't, he was sexiest thing to walk on this earth. with his black hair and tanned body with strong muscle and bones with the most killer blue eyes. Marilyn always used words like that, killer murder, dangerous because he was just that after all her main job of all was to clean up the blood on the Egyptian cotton curtains and rugs.

Even a dead body or two after 3 years of working for him, she's gotta used to this terrible ways with his friends and family but she was never fully accepted in. She even lived in the house with him but never was she accepted into the heart or soul of the Francesco Luciano family.

But every once in a while He would call her into his bedroom and make sweet love to her like the beast he was and he proved it, proved all the rumours and whispers of the other woman who had been with him.

But every night after she would sneak out his room and do the walk of shame and not speak to him for a day or two since Marilyn shyness always seem to stop her.

But after I learn that He really wanted me I knew that the walk of shame would only go one way towards the front door and a new life and remembering how he even told me sends shivers down my spine.


"you're mine my sweet Marilyn, no man shall pleasure you like me" Francesco whispered against my neck while my hands were cuffed to his bed board.

I tried to hide my excitement but I couldn't my legs shaking around his waist while his half names frame layer on top of me while I lay only in my white bra and stocking.

" oh sir" I whispered remembering my manners even know his left him soon as his lips touch mine and I knew it tease him so.

"Listen to me and listen well my maid. I payed you for all theses years, gave you a bed and make loved to you and all you've ever done is walked out the end of the night with out a simple thanks you. Listen well" His face hard and serious, I began to become nervous.

" You.Are.Mine." he groaned slamming into me sending me over the edge already.

oh dear I won't be doing my  walk of shame in the morning then.

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