One Well Hid Secret

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One day I went over to jerry’s house to talk to my best friend and I was going to tell him the truth about my feelings for him. When I got there I knocked on the door and saw that it was just his step dad and his friends were there and when they opened the door I saw that they were all drunk so I started to leave when I saw the little kids and I knew I had to stay. When I tried to go and help them I was slapped and yanked into the house and two of johns friends held me down while john started to undress me. He ripped my shirt off into two pieces and his friends ripped my skinny jeans off  and I heard them rip. They were my favorite bc jerry had bought them for me. I turned my head and saw that the little kids were watching me and I told them to turn their heads. They did and when I felt john rip off my bra I started to struggle but the two guys holding me down just held me tighter

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