Part Two

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Madhu was sleeping when her cell started ringing. Sleepily she checked who was calling and was shocked seeing Rishab Calling flashing on her screen. Madhu started to wonder, Why is he calling me now? That too, at this hour? When we were engaged he never called me and now he is calling at this late hour. Is he calling to tell me that he changed his mind about the engagement and he wants to go ahead with it? No that wont be the reason. What could be? OMG!!!! What if he told his family and someone had a heart attack?!?!?! Could be his mother! In movies it is always the mother who gets an attack when the childs engagement breaks. So he is calling to threaten me! He is going to sue me! He is going to say that I broke the engagement and his mother is in critical condition. How dare he? Stupid spineless fellow! Doesnt even have the guts to tell his parents what he wants and now he is going to threaten me! I will show him that I am not going to get scared!

So as not to disturb and alert Trishna about the latest (heart attack) developments Madhu walks to the balcony and angrily attends the call saying "I am not scared of you. Sue me if you want. It is not my fault that she had a heart attack. It is your fault. Take me to court if you want, and I will show you who I am." "She? Heart attack?" a confused RK asks. Oh so it is not the mother. Father had an attack. Obviously spineless son will have a spineless father!  "Whether it is your father or mother, it is not my fault" Madhu angrily replies. "Father? Mother? Madhubala this is Rishab Khundra." RK says and then hesitantly adds "Remember?" "I remember who you are! And it is not my fault that your father had a heart attack." Madhu heatedly replies. "My father had an attack? When?" RK asks confused and worried.  "Oh, so it is your mother who had an attack?" Madhu asks. "My mother? She had an attack? What are you saying?" RK asks even more confused. What neither father nor mother had an attack? "Then who had a heart attack?" Madhu angrily shouts. "I don't know. You are the one screaming heart attackHeart attack! "RK replies slightly angry.  "So no one had a heart attack?" Madhu asks confused. "NO!" "Then why are you going to sue me?" Madhu asks angrier. "Who said I am going to sue you? And why should I?" RK asks back. "So you are not going to sue me or take me to court." Madhu asks unconvinced. "NO!" RK replies. "Then what do you want from me? Why are you calling me?" Madhu asks confused and at her wits end. "I just called you to check if everything was fine at your home. I just wanted to make sure you were fine." Then he regretfully adds sorry "I called you. That too, at this hour. I am sorry... Bye." RK was about to hang up when Madhu quickly said "No wait... I am sorry. I dont know what I was thinking." "What were you thinking?" RK asks not angry but slightly confused. "No... You are calling me for the first time and that too this late in the night and I thought someone had an attack because the engagement got cancelled and you were calling me to threaten me." "Huh?" "That is how it happens in the movies." Madhu sheepishly says realizing what a fool she made of herself. "Nothing like that happened." RK says and then asks "And why should I blame you for that? You were never at fault. God forbid if something like that happens also, it would be my fault and not yours." RK says earnestly. Oh God! He is not spineless. He is a man of character and principle. "I am sorry I doubted you. And thought you were spineless." Madhu apologizes. "SPINELESS?" RK asks outraged. Maybe I shouldnt have said that. "Sorry, I cant control my thoughts." Madhu says helplessly. "Spineless!" RK repeats like a broken radio. Madhu was about to apologize again when RK burst into laughter. "God! That was rich." Madhu hastily joins in his laughter when he adds "But not as rich as the heart attack." "Are you making fun of me?" Madhu asks irritated. "Yes." RK replies with a smile. Madhu smiles "Well I was being stupid." "True." RK happily agrees. "You seem very happy." Madhu observes. RK sobers up immediately. "Madhubala... I just called to check if everything was fine at your place." "Everything is fine here. Papa was shocked at first but then he agreed with me. I think he called up all our close relatives to inform them." "I am happy that your parents are happy and not holding you responsible for anything." RK says sincerely. "No, they are holding you responsible." Madhu replies jovially. "Really?" RK asks concerned. "Yes. Because they feel that if you were not ready then you should have made your stand clear earlier itself." "Oh!" RK says glumly.  "Relax! Its not like you are ever going to see them again. By the way how did it go at your place?" "World war 3!" RK replies. "They tried to make me change my mind but then I stood my ground. I guess I do have a spine after all." RK says with a chuckle. "So everything is fine at your end. Thank God." Madhu says genuinely happy for him. "What fine? Dad is not talking to me. Mom doesn't know whom to support. And rest split into groups of Team Mohan Kundra and Team Rishab Kundra." RK jokes. Madhu found it a little disturbing that RK was so happy about the broken engagement and he could joke about it. Somewhere it did hurt. "Mom was saying that I am never going to get a girl like you. I agree but then it is not right to make you wait for me till I am ready. It is not like we are in love or anything for you to make such a big sacrifice for me." RK says. When Madhu doesn't reply to that he continues "Anyway Dad made me call up everyone and inform about the situation and asked them not to come." "Oh! That is embarrassing." Madhu says. "You need to take responsibility for your actions. So I was on the phone till now and thought Ill check with you about the situation there." RK finishes off. "Everything is fine here." Madhu confirms again. "I am sorry I called this late. You were sleeping right? I just wanted to make sure everything was fine at your side. I shouldn't have let you talk to your family alone, I should have been there with you. And I am truly very sorry Madhu that I wasted 8 days of your life like this." RK sincerely apologize. Hearing him, Madhu finally understood why people were saying that her parents will never find anyone as good as Rishab Kundra. He was responsible, caring, honest, dependable, loyal and man enough to accept his mistake gracefully. And Madhu realized one thing to her amazement. She truly did forgive Rishab Kundra, and there was no resentment for him in her heart, she only wished the best for this good man who fortunately or unfortunately was not meant to be hers. "I forgive you." Madhu says. RK sighs and gently says "Thank you Madhubala."

They both remained silent for some time wondering what to say. When she finally realized that there is nothing left to be said, she decided to end the call "So I guess that's..." and RK cut her off "So what plans for tomorrow?" "Tomorrow? Was going to get engaged but then that is not going to happen now, so don't know what." "What about you?" Madhu asks. "Me? Even I was getting engaged tomorrow but then I got dumped. So I am going to have lots of Golgappa tomorrow." RK replies. "Golgappa?" Madhu was side tracked with the golgappas that she forgot about the dumping part. "That is my favorite food in the world. Happy, sad, confused, moody, tensed, bored whatever it is, I need to have golgappa. It is my comfort food." RK explains. Madhu wonders whether he is having golgappas because he is sad or happy. "Its been a while since I have had golgappas. So tomorrow is golgappa day."Madhu couldn't help but laugh at that comment. "How long since you had your last golgappa?" Madhu asks curiously. "A week!" RK says outraged. "What a drama queen you are!" "Seriously Madhubala, I have never gone that long without golgappa. You don't know, I wake up in the middle of the night and make golgappas and eat." RK says. "You make golgappa?" Madhu asks shocked. "Yes. If you didn't know I am an awesome cook. Some of the recipes at my restaurant are my own." RK says proudly. "Really?" Madhu says impressed. "Yes." "What is your masterpiece dish?" Madhu asks. "Hmm that would be my chicken curry." "Maybe Ill try it one day at your restaurant." Madhu says. "That is not served at my restaurant." "Why?" "It is my best dish. It is special. So..." RK shrugs. "Hmm so in short Ill never get to have your best dish." "Maybe I'll cook for you someday." RK says. Madhu chuckles "We are never going to meet. I don't think we will even talk to each other after tomorrow and you are saying you will cook for me." "Why do you want to think like that? Why can't we go on with the possibility that maybe one day we will meet again? Maybe we will talk again. Maybe one day Ill cook for you." "Why?" Madhu asks confused. "It is like saying alvida. And I don't like that. You never know where life leads you." "Philosophies go over my head." RK laughs hearing that. "I know a little bit cooking. Just started learning." Madhu says. "Cooking is fun. I started when I was in school. I used to be a foodie, and because of my weight Dad had put me on a strict diet, so I used to cook my own food without him knowing." "You are not fat." Madhu says. "I used to be. Now I am hot and sexy thanks to gym." "How much did you weigh before?" Madhu asks still refusing to believe he was fat fat. "I was 103kg when I was in my 12th." RK very proudly says. "103???" Madhu asks shocked. "Yes." RK replies still proud. "Was on borderline of getting diabetics and decided to take care of my health." "Good for you." Madhu sarcastically says. "Thank you." RK replies back.

They talked for some more time, nothing significant. "Rishab..." Madhu starts when RK cuts her off "Yes Ma'am" "Ma'am?" Madhu asks confused. "When you call me Rishab, I feel like my teachers are calling me. Only they used to call me Rishab." RK explains.  "Then what does everyone call you?" Madhu asks. "Family calls me Rishu which I hate BTW, as I feel like a kid. Others call me RK." "RK suits you much better than Rishab." Madhu agrees. "Thanks for your approval." RK teases her. Madhu was about to tease him about Rishu when she heard Trishna. "Listen, I gotta go. I think Trishna will wake up now." Madhu says hurriedly. "Oh!" says a disappointed RK "Okay Madhubala, it was nice..." Madhu cuts him off. "Everyone calls me Madhu." Madhu says.  RK smiles "Good Night Madhu." "Good Night RK."

Madhu was lying in bed thinking whether she made the right decision in calling of the wedding. With this relaxed RK she found it so easy to talk to him and she didn't realize how time flew while talking to him. She talked to him for closely 45 mins. So did she make the right decision? A small voice in her head said RK was not ready for the marriage. So there is no use having any doubts.  

Finally sleep was taking over and the last thought that was on Madhus mind was why she had asked RK to call her Madhu when she allowed only those people she liked, to call her Madhu, for the rest of the world she was Madhubala.

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