Chaz, breathless, slouched over, brushing his forehead in exhaustion. “Woo! Good! I thought you guys.. y'know, did the dirty!”

“Ooookay, well, good bye!” Ryan cooed, stepping out of the room awkwardly with Chaz trailing behind. The door slowly elapsed close, the sun being the only light that wasn't killed in the room.

“Never, Parvati?” Justin asked, ascending the silence away and startling me.

“Never what?” I asked, peering up at him and his tightly knitted grin.

“You'd never do me?” Justin exclaimed, tilting his head innocently.

Snapping my head forward, a blush crept upon my cheeks, making me determined not to show him how much those few words affected my temperature. 

But it did. It always did. 


Breakfast went by painfully slow as an awkward silence brushed against us from the earlier confrontation. Gratefully, we'd be at the beach soon enough, the thought of the waves crashing down on my feet bringing tranquility to the unpleasant tension that was building inside of all four of us.

I watched as Parvati tidily went around the hotel room, tooth brush hanging from her tainted peach-ed lips that were effortlessly plump and desirable. Shaking the thought from my head, I noticed her wardrobe, and the way her hair was neatly flowing to the side and not piled on top of her head like she normally wore it. She wore a white v-neck, revealing her coral bikini underneath it while the faded jean shorts, that snugged her ass just right, let a slip of the coral hem peek out just out of the top. 

Guys are gonna be all over her, I cursed in my mind, biting my lower lip in agony.

“Hey, Parvati?” I called out, cringing without my consent.

She flared up from grabbing fragments of Chaz's clothing, a drizzle of toothpaste lingering on the corner of her mouth.

“Yeah?” she murmured through the plastic toothbrush, her tiny hands placed lightly, ever so lightly like a feather, on her hips. Her perfect little hips that would fit perfectly in my palms.

Fuck off, hormones. That's all it is. Hormones.

“I think you should change,” I announced.

Scrunching her eyebrows downwards, little wrinkles appearing between her brows, she looked confusedly over at me. “What? Why? Is there something wrong with my outfit?”  

I nodded. “You're showing too much skin for my liking, Parvati. Guys will be all over you. Especially since you took my advice with the hair.”

A blush spread across her cheeks in a rush, and she ducked down, picking up more clothing in an excuse to hide her beautiful rosy cheeks from me. But she could never hide it. At least, not well enough.

“Trying to impress me, Parvati Hope Jones?”

She darted her dark sky blue irises in my direction, but only for a moment before she switched them back to the floorboards. “No, like I said last night, Justin. It doesn't matter what my hair looks like-you're stuck with me for thirty days anyway.”

“You make it sound bad,” I winked flirtatiously the next time her orbs met mine—making the blush only worsen and absorb her whole face in a pink exotic ocean.


“Smell that, Parv?” Chaz breathed in a rigid breath, plumping his arm heavily on my shoulders.

I sniffed casually, coiling my nose so that a horizon of ridges formed on my nose. “I smell.. greasy fries and.. a polluted ocean?”

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