Found Myself

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Chaz grumbled lowly, flip flopping around on the tiny pull out couch that Ryan fell off of multiple times before. The Bahama sun was rising lethargically, slithering through the beige curtains that hung around the balcony.

“You awake, Ry?” Chaz hoisted himself up; his hair sticking up every which way.

Ryan shut his eyes tighter—crows feet carving into the corner of his eyes. “No, I'm not.” 

“Ima go see if Justin's awake, then, since obviously you're not.” Perking up, Chaz rolled off the couch, trampling through the hotel room.

Flinging open the door to Justin's room, he noticed another lump underneath the castle of blankets. A petite, mahogany haired girl lying, snuggled into Justin. Slapping his hand over his mouth, he backed up and closed the door lightly, falling back onto the couch when it felt against his legs.

“My god. My god. My god. Ryan. Ry. Ry? Ryan?” Chaz breathed out, making Ryan look up, bags evident on his clear tanned skin.

“What the fuck do you want, dickhead?” Ryan exclaimed, unintentionally looking at the clock that struck eight PM. 

“Justin. Parvati. Same bed. Sex?” Chaz replied, wavering a finger towards the bedroom where the two slept peacefully in the warmth of each other.

“Sex?” Ryan squeaked, stumbling up from his bed on the floor to the cold metallic doorknob to Justin's room.

“Okay, one, two, three, four,” Chaz whispered, both of them opening the door slowly, cringing when the hinges squawked in protest.

“See? See that? Justin took poor Parvati's virginity!” Chaz shouted in a whisper irritably, running his hands through his hair as he crept closer to the side of the bed.

Ryan crossed his arms across his bare chest, pondering on the thought of his innocent minded Parvati doing such a thing before he replied, “check to see if it's really her.”

“It is! I can tell that brown locks from anywhere!” Chaz boasted, making Justin squeeze his eyes shut tighter and then releasing open.

Astonished at his best friends creeping in his room, Justin gathered upwards against the headboard, rubbing his eyes bitterly. “W—what the fuck? What are you guys doing in here?”

“You fucked Parvati!” Chaz yelped loudly, pointing an accusing finger in his direction when Parvati's lengthy mahogany bun propped up, too.

She yawned, stretching upwards as the sun peeked in at the view of her beauty through the satin curtains that matched the comforter. Her vision blurred slightly, but she managed to see the two figures in the room near her, bare chested and looking surprised.

“What's goin' on?” I yawned harder; my nose crinkling whilst my chin morphed into a double chin.

“Parvati, Parv—how could you? I mean, yeah, I'd expect me to lose my virginity! But you? Sweet little Parv? Sweet little, fragile, Parv!?” Chaz shouted, rambling as he moved across the room, hands waving in irritability.

“Wait.. what? My virginity!?” I shrieked, tensing up at the uncomfortable topic.
“You had sex with Justin!” Ryan roared, his forehead wrinkling when his eyebrows sky rocketed. 

“W—what? N—no! Never! N—never!” I shouted, fumbling out of his comfortable haven and onto the scratchy material of the carpet. “I.. I.. no, we, he invited me to sleep in his bed so I could read with him!”

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