Let Me Introduce Myself, I'm All Smiles

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“No! Not until you say you're sorry!” I protested, stomping my foot like a child.

Go-” He started, but I interjected sourly.

Coming forward, I blocked his path to his room, trying to look stern and somewhat masculine to the body builder that stood in front of me with a gruesome face etched onto his features. But I caved, my petite body looking even tinier compared to his when my back hunched in defeat.

“Tell me what I did wrong, please? I.. I.. what did I do? If I hurt you, then I'm sorry, I didn't know. I-” I gulped loudly, I'm sorry.”

Suddenly, he turned the door knob, grasping my waist tightly with his other hand and slinging me into his room that smelt like an assortment of odors ranging from laundry detergent and cologne.

The door collapsed shut and I watched as his muscular build swooshed by my stunned expression and into the bed, where he grasped the comforter and buried himself in the horizon of blankets.

Awkwardly, I rubbed my arm, studying him as he laid peacefully in his overly enlarged bed.

“Justin?” I squeaked.

“Lay with me,” he instructed as if it were obvious, as if I were supposed to know that was why he practically slung me into his room.

“I.. I.. don't think-” I stuttered.

“What? Is something wrong with me?”

“No, it's just, why?” I wondered.

“Because on day nine we're going to stay in bed all day long and talk.. and cuddle.” He answered softly, turning onto his back so I could see his face better. His hair was sprawled everywhere, his eyes warmer now.

He is adorable looking.

“Adorabl-” I shut my mouth, my palm making a popping noise as it smacked against my mouth. “I mean, uhm, okay.”

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

Ungracefully, I crawled into the space beside him, automatically feeling the warmth wrap around me in normality. My back faced him awkwardly as my voice began to thrill through the silenced room.

“You're not mad at me anymore, right, Justin?” I asked innocently, fluffing my pillow exactly four times, another of one my obsessions and daily acts that had struck me in my eighteen years of living.

“I was having some troubles that day, so I wasn't exactly mad at you, don't worry baby.” He said softly, making me relax somewhat, making me able to contort into the comfy mattress that had deprived me of sleep hours before.

“Your bed is so much more comfier than mine,” I commented, furrowing my eyebrows.

“You should sleep in it more often then,” he said wearily, slithering his hand up my waist. “Can you face me, please?”

I cringed, shutting my eyes with a squeeze.

Why can't I be seductive? Or at least not awkward?

I flipped over, looking anywhere but his russet orbs that were a multitude of different colors. My pin point of fascination was on the bare sheet of skin that spread across his chest where a v-neck gave me permission to see his silky skin.

“Somebody's naughty today. Checking out my exposed skin, Parvati?” He said in a cheerful sing song voice, making my cheeks flush from embarrassment.

“I.. the..” I stammered, mentally hitting myself at how unintelligent I proclaimed myself to be.

He smoothly tugged me closer to him, his hot breath fanning my face and neck.

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