Let Me Introduce Myself, I'm All Smiles

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“Wake up, sleeping beauty.” A husky voice rang, casting a shadow over my limp body.

“Justin?” I groggily replied, my voice clipped and raspy from morning half consciousness.

“No, the next best thing though, Chaz Somers.”

“Go away,” I grumbled.

“No. Justin told me to wake you up, so, get the fuck up?”

My eyes immediately shot open, bags noticeable under my eyes from the lack of sleep that had dawned on me the night before.

“.. Justin told you to wake me up?” I asked, inaudibly, but somehow Chaz heard it clearly and answered without thought.

The pain that rippled through my voice had somehow been translucent, seeing how Chaz payed no mind to the way my face grimed and my voice cracked. Had my practicing of shielding my emotions payed off? Probably not, I sucked at betraying another emotion that I was enduring.

“Yes, see you at breakfast, ugly!” He joked, treading out of the room and forgetting to close the door on the way out.

Pet Peeve: when Chaz always forgets my pet peeves.

Taking a few extra minutes in bed, my mind wondered to thoughts that had kept me from going to bed at nine o'clock sharp. Justin's random mood swing that I had contemplated for hours on end, thinking of every possible thing that I could've done wrong. But to no avail, I came to no reasoning of anything that could've set him off.

But as I jumped out of bed, hair untamed, teeth un brushed, feet unprotected from the cold tiles that laid ahead in the nicely smelling kitchen, I was determined to find out.


The echo of foot steps padding against the floorboards made my throat clench.

Here comes the beast!” Ryan yelped, watching the doorway just like I was.

In came her tiny, perfect, figure. Her brown locks loosely down, surprisingly, and her dark blue eyes flaming like sparklers on the fourth of July. Her face was twisted with what seemed like shock and I noticed that she was shuffling uncomfortably.

Cold tiles! Cold tiles! Gosh, why did I not put on socks! Why did I not brush my teeth or comb my hair!” She shouted, biting her bottom lip in one of the most lustful ways I had ever seen her.

Why, Parvati, why must you be attractive and not even see it? I whined irritably in my mind.

“Somebody didn't do their morning routine,” Chaz mocked.

Parvati angrily huffed, collapsing onto the fourth wooden chair that plagued the table. Her eyes never met mine, never even wavered in my direction.

So now I wasn't even her buddy?

I, equally angrily, huffed and shuffled back, the chair shrieking from the pressure that accumulated. Stomping out of the kitchen, I heard her soft stomps follow behind like a lost puppy. Here comes the perfectionist, the scheduled, all to together perfect Parvati.


I watched as he angrily shot backwards and wobbled up, marching out of the room in disgust. Narrowing my eyes, I quickly followed behind like a chick following it's Mother.

You have mood swings and then don't even tell the person what they did wrong!” I shouted, crossing my arms unpleasantly.

“Just go put socks on, comb your hair and brush your teeth, Parvati.” He replied lowly, gripping the door knob to his room, threatening me at any moment that he'd confine himself in his room again.

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