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The light glow of neon read 3am as she crept into the room, dragging tired feet in a failed attempt at stealth. She let her eyes take in the room, using the moons pale glow to see her mans naked torso. He always left the curtains open saying he could feel the moons touch on his skin as he slept. Ever the romantic. She wasn't sure if he knew she was jealous of the moon when they were apart. He was perfect to her, like a rock with a heart. A heart of gold or silver.He wasn't like other men. He cared. He managed to be manly and sporty and not be a total dick. He would walk through a crowd on the busiest night of the weekend and hand her a single rose, not giving a shit what anyone thought, not even his team full of beer chugging rugby players. 

Her eyes would wonder. She would do this every night, eating him with her eyes. Tracing the hard contours of his body with her bright blue eyes, Prolonging the anticipation of his touch on her pale skin. Skin that had an aura in the moonlight, he would say after they had made love. She let her mind wander in this direction, remembering his soft touch for one so strong. His gentle words, said softly. The way his butterfly kisses would creep from her ear down her neck and over her chest,  across the plain of her flat stomach before slipping down into the darkness between her thighs. The only place the moon could not go.

 With these thoughts her heart would beat faster, she would undress and drop her stupid uniform with the stupid name tag.Roxy,her abbreviated name etched on the cheap plastic she would have to stick on her shirt every night. He would always wake at the noise of her crawling into the bed with him, such a light sleeper. "I could smell you" he would say , at first she was insulted by this , then he would grin and say " it is the smell of my happiness coming home, the final peace of my heart back where it belongs," Such pretty words, how could she argue with that.

 He did not wake that night. He did not wake as she crept out of the darkness and into the lunar light on the bed, her white skin a glow, cold in the night seeking his warmth. He did not stir as she cuddled into his nook, warming herself against his skin. The naked flesh of her chest pressing against him, did not cause him to stir. She thought he would have pulled her tight against him by now. She kissed her way up his neck seeking the warmth of his mouth , pressing her lips against his forcefully she sought to awaken him. The sweet taste of rum was what greeted her, the bitter sweet liquid obviously holding him in the deeper reaches of slumber. A little smirk crept onto her face as a thought crossed her mind on exactly how to awaken him. Her hand was creeping across his navel when he rolled towards her pulling her close against his chest. Yet he was still sleeping. She curled against him lovingly, breathing in the smell of his presence around her. His long slow breath of sleep making his chest press against her, and then he spoke.

"I love you" She smiled and wormed her way closer against him, his skin seeming to radiate the love he felt even in sleep.

"I miss you", her smile began to fade as his deep voice uttered these words, she slid away from him, turning to study his face in the treacherous moonlight. He was still sleeping though his face looked pained, brow furrowed . The last word was a painful whisper. Tears running down her pretty face dripping onto his pale chest.


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