My tiny lover (Johnny)

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You and Johnny have been speaking for quite a while but in that period of time you've started to develop feelings for him. You were so in thought about him you didn't hear the door being knocked on. "Y/n are you in there?" He shouts with a worried tone. "I think I might break in" he shouts. Just as he was about to barge the door you opened it and moved out the way so he can fall on the floor. " ㅋㅋㅋㅋ sorry I was just thinking" you say in between laughs. "What were you thinking about" he says wriggling his eyebrows at you. "Just get up Johnny" you say pushing his head. "It hurts when you leave but it's a pretty site from behind" he says getting up and sitting on your couch. "Is it me or has your house gotten more tidier?" He says looking around.

 "Is it me or has your house gotten more tidier?" He says looking around

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"Well i'm a changed woman." You say smiling. "Well if your a changed woman. I want a pot of ramyeon may you make it?" He says smirking at you. "Of course I'll make it but you have to put on my Japanese drama. My little lover." You say with a smart look on your face. "Okay honey~" he says in a sing song tone.

When you guys are watching the drama
"OMG minamiku wake up. Please." You scream at the TV crying. "Y/n Hold me if your upset" Johnny says holding your hand. "OMG He woke up. He woke up." You shout jumping about. "Y/n your really something aren't you." He says jumping about with you. "I'm just really happy. Minamiku woke up and I'm with my very good looking and funny best friend. How is life so good?" You say smiling at him. "You think I'm good looking. Well i think your beautiful." He says cupping your face in his hands. You started to smile like an idiot now. "If I wasn't black I would be blushing right now." You say turning your head. "Don't worry I can still feel the heat on your cheeks." He says rubbing his nose against yours. Your face suddenly dropped. "Y/n what's the matter?" He asks looking worried. You take a deep breath and speak. "Johnny I know you may not feel this way about me but I like you and I have ever since I first met you. You were always there through good and bad times. Sorry for wasting your time to have a good life." You says looking down. "Y/n I've also always liked you. When I fist met you I didn't care about colour or stereotypes I just knew you were the one. The only reason  why I never told you was because I thought you never liked me in that way. Also You didn't waste my time to have a good life because of YOU I had a good life and hopefully still will." He says lifting your face up by your chin and then kissing you with passion and love. "So will you y/n l/n do me the favour of being my little lover?" He says smiling. "Of course I will." You say jumping into his arms. "Wait but why little lover?" You ask. "Because I'm really tall and your really small" he says dropping you on your couch and running. "Johnny I'm not that small." You say running after him.

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