What Did I Do wrong?

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My body feels as though I have gained weight in under eight hours, because as I tried to forth come and agree to Justin's demands, I feel heavy and exhausted all balled into one.

“I hate life,” I growl, my eyes not fully opened.

“You really are a ray of sunshine in the morning,” Justin states, grasping my hip on either sides to support me and my obstacle of getting up.

A big ol' ray of sunshine!” Chaz calls sleepily from the living room where his own castle of blankets and debris cascade around him on the couch.

“You can take your hands off my hips before I break them,” I hissed, too tired to tense up or even momentarily care at his obsessive touching of me.

“Is that a promise?”

“You disgust me.” I finish before trudging to the kitchen, where day eight will officially escalate.

The wooden chair yelped under my weight, the soft padding on the bottom of the legs having no effect as my strength associated with the cold marble made a loud screech erupt.

My hair, tattered and be-mingled in all directions, was the peer essence of bed head as there were strands that flew in no particular direction. To say I was angry would be a good statement, as waking up early in the morning wasn't an activity I corresponded too nicely.

“This better be good,” I stated groggily, slowly, half heartily.

“Open your eyes,” Justin instructed, a smirk carefully aligned on his faultless face that held no other emotion than happiness.

My eyes stayed solemnly on his until they finally lethargically trailed downwards where a slimy creature displayed across the mahogany stained table.

“Ew!” I proclaimed, skidding away at the smell dancing around in my nostrils. “What is that!?”

An octopus, or at least, something that looked like an octopus, was set down in front of me.

“Your breakfast,” Justin said casually, like this was normal, like this was all normal.

“What happened to pancakes and bacon?” I squeaked, my eyebrows dipping in sadness.

“I decided we should try new things, because in every relationship, there is always going to be things the other doesn't like that the other one does. And you should be optimistic, when it comes to those likes or dislikes.” He said matter of factly, taking an oyster and downing it awkwardly. My blue pearls focused on his adam's apple, a darkening mood arising from the pit of my stomach.

“You're kidding, right? I wouldn't even feed this to my cat!” I shouted, crossing my arms evidently.

“But, Parvati..” he started with puppy eyes, “I like oysters.”

My fingers gently scooped up an oyster as my eyes did the job of analyzing and examining every sector of it's oyster goodness.

“I can't believe you're making me do this,” I hissed.

“You can do it,” he said happily, leaning his head on his palm.

“Oysters aren't meant to be eaten,” I corrected, “they are in the ocean for a reason, and should be kept in the ocean.”

“We'll discuss my bad nature after you eat the oyster.” He said without a blink of his caramel supple orbs.

“But I thought you are supposed to be showing me the best thirty days of my life, not showing me what should be done in a relationship!” I protested, popping out my bottom lip anxiously, momentarily, doing anything to get me out of eating a sea creature that is possibly still living.

“I am showing you the best thirty days of your life and I'm also teaching you. Just shut up and eat it, trust me, you'll enjoy it.”

Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. With those two words put into play, my hands became uncontrolled and began moving forwards to where my mouth hung open. The oyster, a few centimeters away, slugged into my mouth and made me squeeze my eyes shut, making crows feet carve into my skin. My gulp was boisterous and I felt the cold supplement of the oyster drag down my throat.

“It tastes,” I started absently, good.” I said defeated.

Suddenly, a pair of two strong arms slithered around my shoulders and bawled my body up in a tight bundle. His warmth drifted onto me, making me cringe at the unexpected confrontation and the appealing smell of his cologne that just spoke volumes of lust.

“Thank you,” he whispered into the crook of my neck, making me not only shiver but tense up.

F—for w—what?” I stammered, my eyes still sealed shut.

For trying something I like,” he murmured, basking in the warmth that was my neck and the smooth skin that was placed there.

“U-uh, it was no problem,” I swallowed nervously, “buddy."

I felt his body tense and stop all at once. His arms, unraveling from my body, slung to his sides like noodles. The usual warmth glow of his mahogany eyes held no expression that I could read.

“What's wrong?” I blurted, unintentionally feeling sick without his body heat withered to mine. Figuring out the mood swing-ed behavior automatically, I panicked.

He shook his head, the dirty blonde carpet of hair shaking violently as I watched his features turn from anger to sorrow.

He walked steadily out of the room, making me jump from the chair that had me frozen in place. Following behind him like a lost puppy, I squirmed and sneered to try to get him to stop his fastened strides. But it was no use.

Wait! Justin, wait! What's wrong?”

“Nothing,” he growled, “okay, buddy?”

Those were the last words he hissed at me before slamming his door shut in my face, a gust of wind that picked greedily at my hair becoming my only companionship as Ryan and Chaz were fast asleep somewhere in the large hotel room. I sighed lowly, contemplating what I had done wrong. I ate the oyster, hugged him, what else did this boy want from me? Angrily, I stomped across the living room, thinking, before I ran to my room and slammed the door shut equally as hard as Justin had.

“Asshole!” I bellowed before falling back onto the bed.

Only this time the bed didn't feel as welcoming as it had in the morning.


 My hands wrap dully into my hair, tugging aimlessly.

On day eight, she proved to me that she thought nothing of me except for a buddy.


I wiped my face angrily, causing red spots to garnish my cheeks in tiny splotches.

On day eight, he got mad at me for no goddamn reason.

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