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29 Missed calls from McFries
14 Missed calls from Hannah Banana
27 Missed calls from The Fiancé 💕
12 missed calls from Painfully Thick
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Please answer your calls,
I'm worried sick
delivered | 18:36

I know you're probably
resting but could you
call back once you're up?
I just wanna know that you're okay
delivered | 19:34

I'm ready to drive on over
but I feel like you won't let me
in, so I'm coming tomorrow
That's a promise
delivered | 19:56

I hope you sleep well whatever's
going on
Know that I'm here for you, okay?
I'm happy to listen
delivered | 22:35

Hannah Banana

You're scaring me babe
Like really scaring me
delivered | 18:21

No-one can get through
to you, are you okay?
delivered | 19:02

Please answer
Like I'm crying worrying
about you
Your mom called me as
she's worried sick
delivered | 19:23

Okay, I get it, you want to be
You're probably just sleeping
Ans I'm bothering you for
no reason
Talk about being an over
worrying friend right?
delivered | 19:36

I'll come over tomorrow
just to make sure you're okay
and I'm going to try not to
punch your cheating fiancé
in the nuts
Sleep tight my girl
delivered | 21:17

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