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Riley hadn't ever been in a situation where the mood changes so quickly that all she wanted to do was sleep

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Riley hadn't ever been in a situation where the mood changes so quickly that all she wanted to do was sleep. That was until now when the doctor, who was stood at the other end of the hospital bed, told them why she had collapsed the night before. She had zoned out slightly when she heard what he said, only catching a few words as her blood ran cold. Severely dehydrated. Lacking in vitamins. Pregnant.

"H-how far along is she, doctor?" Sebastian asked, getting up from his space her side.

"Between a month or two, we can't be sure just yet." He answered before looking at the two, both of whom were silent. "She's ready to be discharged, she only has to be drinking fluids regularly, eating six meals a day and staying away from anything stressful for the next couple of weeks." He nodded his head then left the room, a shaky sigh escaping Sebastian's lips as he turned around to face her.

"How is that possible, I was in Rome." He said, placing his hands on his hips and watching as Riley looked up at him.

"I'm just as confused as you are, don't look at me like that." She replied, sitting up and beginning to unplug herself from all the wires she was connected to.

"So you don't remember if... What if you were... I told you to stop drinking-"

"Sebastian," Riley cut him off, warning him with raised brows. "I think I'd remember if someone raped me."

"Not if you were drugged."

Riley scoffed, throwing the sheets off and shaking her head, getting out of the bed. She wasn't lying when she said she was just as confused as he was. She didn't remember panicking over missing a cycle. Perhaps she had been busy preparing herself to be around Sebastian again after finding out what he has been up to. She hadn't even brought it up with him yet.

He let her change into something comfortable in silence, signing off papers before helping her out of the room. She was surprised to see Chris, Seb and Hannah waiting in the waiting room, all jumping to their feet upon seeing her. She didn't have the chance to say anything before she was attacked with a hug from Hannah who started crying into her shoulder. "We thought something bad happened to you, we were so worried."

"Well, you don't have to worry," Riley chuckled lightly, pulling her friend away and wiping her tears. "I'm fine, I'm actually more than fine. The doctor said I was-"

"Severely dehydrated," her fiancé cut in, clenching his jaw and nodding towards the doors of the corridor. "He also said she needs rest so you can come see her tomorrow but she needs to be home with me."

Riley exchanged a glance with everyone, her last landing on Chris. Chris. Of course. Now she remembered. A hotel, catching a cheater, whiskey, dancing and finally revenge fueled sex. And now she was pregnant and the father was looking at her as if she'd just died and Sebastian was responsible.

"Let's go, Riley," Seb said, taking a hold of her hand and pulling away from her friends, nearly dragging her away towards the doors. She pulled her hand out of his hold with a scowl, wrapping her arms around her body as they walked before looking over shoulder once, catching his eye again then looking down at her stomach.

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