John Cena is a very handsome and hot man, he can attract all the women in the world especially the WWE Divas. AJ is one of those Divas who is looking to get a little one on one action from John. After the hard break up with Daniel Bryan, AJ is looking to start a new relationship with someone way more nice and can treat a woman right. Next AJ will be fighting Aksana tonight then later John Cena will be fighting CM Punk. After the win against Aksana, AJ went to the back and run into John.

"Oops I am so sorry." said AJ.

"Don't worry about it." said John.

"Oh my gosh aren't you John Cena?" asked AJ.

"Yes I am. Wait aren't you AJ." asked John.

"Yes." answered AJ.

"Oh I heard so much about you, how are you with that break up over Bryan?" asked John.

"You know I have moved on and I don't want to see that jerk ever again." said AJ.

"Good for you, were the one facing Teddy Long's girlfriend Aksana?" asked John.

"Yes." answered AJ.

"Well congrats on the win." said John.

"Thanks." said AJ.

"How about you and me hang out after the show and get to know each other more." said John.

"Okay yeah that will be great." said AJ.

"Great look it was nice meeting you and I better go warm up for my match against CM Punk." said John.

"Okay good luck." said AJ.

"Alright see you tonight." said John.

"Okay see you tonight." said AJ

 AJ kept on smiling and looking down thinking to herself "John is so amazing and so nice."

Because of the cheat cause by Brock Lesnar, John lost against Punk. John was so mad at what happened.

 "Hey John, I saw what happened are you okay?" asked AJ.

"NO I AM NOT OKAY WHAT'S TO YOU, oh hey AJ it's you. Sorry for screaming at you." said John.

"It's fine so do you still want to go out for drinks tonight?" asked AJ.

"Actually AJ not tonight I am not in the mood I am sorry." said John.

"I understand you're in a terrible mood maybe next time." said AJ.

"Yeah maybe next time." said John.

 AJ left John giving him some space.