(Gunslinger Girl)Rico x Secret Agent! Reader

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Sorry that this took so long to be updated. This was requested by anime1233reader. Hope you enjoy.

*Rico's P.O.V.*

"This is who you are to kill," Jean showed me a picture of girl. She had (h/l) (h/c) hair, she was (s/c), and her eyes were (e/c). I nodded. I wanted to make Jean proud of me, but at the same time, just looking at the girl's picture, I don't want to hurt her. I know I have to though. We are currently standing outside of the hotel that she and a bodyguard were staying at. I grabbed my cz-75 pistol and headed in.

*Your P.O.V.*

Max(my bodyguard) and I just checked into this hotel. When the agency said that I had to be given a bodyguard I hated it, but now I understand why. Im 15, so I'm the youngest special agent that the government has. Plus, I'm in the top 3 best of the whole agency, but I don't like to brag. Max is quiet and only grunts when I ask him a question.

The reason I'm here is because I need to get intel on the Social Welfare Agency. Apparently, from what other agents have gathered, they have been taking children around my age and turning them into cyborgs. They some how make these girls feel no emotions at all besides to kill. My job is to try and capture one of the girls so we can give her, her memories and life back. I want to go for a walk, but once I got to the door Max stopped me and insisted on coming with me which is how we got here, walking down the hallway in silence.

            Thanks to the silence, though, I was able to hear footsteps coming our way. They were light so I knew it was a child, but they were distinct which meant they had a weapon. When I turned to tell Max, I saw that he was on the floor in a pool of his own blood. He had been shot. I went to run, but when I looked up a gun was pointed at my head. In front of me stood a girl with blue eyes and light blonde hair.

             She was around my age, yet she held a CZ-75 pistol and shot with precision. She was definitely one of the cyborgs. I put my hands up acting as if I were surrendering. She lowered her guard and just in time, too. So, I moved fast and took the gun out of her hand, turned it around, and shot.

*Rico's P.O.V.*

             When I opened my eyes I saw that I had not been shot, but when I turned around I saw two of the men that I worked with, dead on the ground. Then, Jean stepped out and aimed his gun, but he aimed it at...me? I felt tears come to my eyes. "He's going to shoot me," that's the first thing that came to my mind, but then I heard another shot and Jean fell to his knees then to the floor. The girl who had the gun took my hand and led me out of the building.

              We finally reached an abandoned house where she led me inside. It was so old that none of the lights worked, yet I could see every inch of the place because of how bright it was. I turned my attention back to the girl as she handed me the gun back to me. She also put her hands back up, surrendering.

               "My name is (y/n). I'm a secret agent working for the government. You can shoot me if you want to..I would understand because I shot your friends. I'm sorry for that and I just wanted to help you. Please if you can, forgive me". I looked at her then at the gun.
                I dropped the gun,"I'm not mad and my so called 'friends' were getting ready to shoot me. So, thank you". She smiled at me and I smiled back. She grabbed my hand and pulled me close and kissed my lips. I recall my mom and dad kissing me only once, but even then I knew the pay didn't like it nearly as much as I liked kissing (y/n).

                 When she pulled away she immediately pulled me along with her, leading us back outside the house,"I'm going to give you your life back. You can count in it!" Then, we were off.

Once again sorry for the slow updates. Hope you still liked it.

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