Chapter 10

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"He left?!" Jade shouted.

Eugene nodded.

"And you allowed him?!" Followed by Eve.

Eugene sighed as he nod once more.

"Why?!" Ciel questioned while slamming the table.

"SkyCorp is - why did you let him dig his grave?! SkyCorp might not accept him and kill him on the spot!" Ciel face darkened with each word.

"He will be safe." Eugene replied.

"I will not entertain anymore questions, what I do is by my choice. Leave. " Eugene ordered while brushing off off the question.

When they all stood up to leave the room, Eugene looked at Jade and said, "Jade you should return home, your mother is worried."

"Oh... You should come along then." Jade comment sounded more like a plea than a request which made Lumiere look sadly at him.

"I apologise but", Eugene sigh, "There is something I need to check out."

"Ah... It's fine then. Just inform mother you wouldn't be coming home again."

"Will do." Jade left with that, clenching his fist.

'No matter what Jade do, he can never gain his father full love.' Lumiere wince. 'For forever his heart will lie with his love and the child of his love.'

"Lumiere." Eugene called out.

"Yes Boss?"

"I told you not to call me that."

"I forgot... Godfather."

"You have questions that you have meaning to ask right? I will entertain them now."

"Ok then, forgive my rudeness but why did you remarry to Maria, Jade's mother, when you clearly do not love her and why did you let Air join the enemy."

"I married her because she is my childhood friend and fiance since birth . Our parents promise each other that one day, I will marry her but that promises can be voided if I already found a lover on my 18 birthday. But since she is dead, I have no excuse to not marry her. She is after all the princess of Fiere . The 4th daughter of King. Well ex-king. Not marrying her will result in terrible results, you should know, after all you are the Prince of Cresta . Your country know of their wrath and experienced it before. Zombie apocalypse or not, that kingdom still holds majority of this world in their hand. Thank the heavens they are a neutral country. . "

Lumiere breathe silently while processing this information.

"For Air case, he put up with this, my remarriage to Maria for a long time now, it's time to set him free, he will be safe. His mother is with him."

"Eh? What do you-" Lumiere asked.

"Exactly what I said. While most have 1 ability, I have more than 1. I have telepathy . And while I cannot read the minds of those with strong ability, I can still read my own sons' mind. " He smiled.

Eugene patted Lumiere shoulder as he stood up to leave the room.

" I am carrying a great sin, not only did I fail to save my own wife, I failed to save your mother too. "

" I never blame you... You are my god father. You did your best to raise me even when my own father could not bear to look at me."

"You are not your mother. You may look like her jut you are definitely not her. You are prince Lumiere of the Kingdom of Cresta. Son of the King and Queen and, my God child."

Lumiere smiled as he stood up to leave with him.

"Ah." Eugene stopped. "But aren't you all misunderstanding something? That doesn't mean I don't love Jade. Jade is still my flesh and blood even though I don't love his mother. I raised both Air and Jade, of course I will love them just as I love you."

Lumiere blink once. Then twice and then broke down in laughter.

" Hahahahaha! "

"?" Eugene tilt his head.

" I forgot you had emotions for a second! You really should make it more obvious! " He dropped to the ground as he continued to laugh.
" You saying the word love! I should have taken a video! " Lumiere clench his stomach.

" Slam! " Eugene hit Lumiere head in annoyance and drag him out with him.

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