"Surprise!"  A bunch of people jumped out with balloons falling from the roof.

I covered my mouth and laughed into it. A surprise party!

"Who planned all of this?" I asked Jett who stepped forward.

"Yours truly." he said giving me a bow.

I laughed and gave him a hug with a small peck.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"I love it!" I said excitedly, "I know you are pretty loaded, but not this loaded. How were you able to afford all of this?"

"Well princess, the reason I get away with anything at school is because my parents own it and they own 5 other business which means they are loaded with money." he told me.

"How did I not know this?" I questioned cocking my eyebrow.

"Well I wanted you to like me for me and not for my money or anything like that." he said hugging me by my waist and pulling me closer.

"Ok buddy back of my sister." I heard Ace say.

I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"So I guess you were also behind all of this?" I asked

"Yup. I figured since you haven't gone to a patty since the stone ages we should make you a surprise party. Then lover boy over here suggest all of this so yeah..."

"Thank you so much but what about dad and Maggy?" I asked a bit worried.

"They know and are ok with it. Especially since we will be staying in one of the suits." he said. "Now chill-ax little sister and enjoy the party."

"I am not that little! I'm exactly... oh forget it." I said.

"Let's go dance?" said Jett taking my hand. I nodded and he pulled me towards the place that seems to be the dance floor.

A couple hours later I was a bit tipsy from the spiked punch Jett warned me about and was dancing with Teresa and Shamaila. The flashy lights and smoke made my adrenaline go high and started to dance. The song Don't Mind by Kent Jones was passing and for a really long time I finally danced like I use to. I sexily body rolled being squished in the middled of Teresa and Shamaila. We stepped back a little to have a bit of room and dropped it low with our hands in the air. When I started to go up I felt a body behind me and some hands on my hips. I turned my head to see Jett with lust in his eyes making me a little bit more daring and grinding my ass to him.

When I was standing again he grabbed me by my hair and smashed his lips on mine. His mouth moved feverishly on mine taking my breath away and making me moan a bit. He has never kissed me this sexually before. His tongue soon plunged into mine tasting the cavern of my mouth finally meeting my tongue. They dance an erotic Tango and he pulled me closer letting me feel his excitement. This made me giggle and pull away.

"Well someone is excited." I said.

"Baby for you I'm always excited." he winked.

"Well, you know what would excite me?" I whispered seductively

"What?" He said a bit breathless.

I smiled, got really close to him, nipping his ear a little and said, "Cake."

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