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Her eyes were filled with tears and I'm reminded of how much I hate it when she cries.

My heart stops beating for the second time when I realize why she's crying. The worthless piece of shit touching her makes me so disgusted that I could vomit right there, on that exact fucking spot.

I stride towards them, Sophie's eyes on me all the time, and I wrap my fingers around the back of his neck, as hard as I can. He screams, like the pussy he is, and I throw him on the ground.

He's tall, I give him that, but I'm still taller and despite the weight I've lost, I'm still stronger.

I curse the alcohol and the will and power it has taken me, before I kick the poor excuse of a person on the ground.

He shouts. "What the fuck?! Get the fuck off of me, you psycho!"

I gather saliva in my mouth and spit it on his face. "You calling me a fucking psycho? You don't fucking know the psycho I could get if you ever get close to her again!"

I kick him again, this time in the precious balls of his, hoping I kicked hard enough so there's no chance he could bring kids like him into this world.

He curls into a ball and screams again. "What the fuck do you mean? She's my fucking girlfriend, I can touch her all I can!"

I freeze.

No, he has to be lying. She wouldn't be crying if she liked it and she was clearly crying.

I don't dare look at her to check her reaction at all this, afraid I might break.

"Then why the fuck was she crying?!" I yell and recieve no reply, my blood boiling.

I go to kick him a few more times, in the face, in his ribs, again in his balls, when a soft touch on my arm stops me.

So soft I can barely feel it, but the actual electricity flowing tells me it's definetly who I think it is.

My actions stop immediately and I revel in the feeling. The feeling I craved more than anything and thought I would never feel again.

The dickhead stopped moving and I decide it's safe to look away.

I turn around, cautiously, fearfully. My eyes trace from the hand touching me up the arm and I want to vomit when I see her shirt ripped apart.

She's so skinny, she's too skinny, and it's all my fucking fault.

Finally, I look up her face, hot tears still streaming, and without realizing it, I reach foward to wipe away the tears, and she leans into my hand, squeezing her eyes shut.

She's so beautiful.

My heart feels like t's going to explode, and I can't take it anymore. I wrap my arms around her small, skinny frame, holding her as close as possible, and she begins to full on sob.

"Harry." she whimpers and I have to close my eyes.

"Shh, it's okay. It's me." I whisper and she trembles, holding on.

My knees give up and I slide to the ground, she in my lap, and it's like a fairytale, it's everything and nothing as the memories of the last months without her escape my mind and it's just us, just a mess of two people.

"I love you. Just so you know. I still love you." she whispers and a single tear rolls down my cheek.

I kiss her head, and she buries it into my neck.

The words effect me in an impossible way, and I want to scream them back, I want to write them out on the sky, but instead, I stay silent.

The memory of drunken fights, the way they fucking tourtured me in the prison, all the fucking booze that went down my throat, the way I felt like nothing, like I could do nothing and be nothing, it is too strong and it stops the words from escaping my lips.

Things like that you don't just get over in a minute and god knows I need some fucking time.

She raises her head, looking at me with such sadness in her eyes that it breaks me apart, it rips my fucking heart of my chest, and I want to comfort her, I need to, but I can't.

"It's okay. I understand." she whispers and looks down.

No you don't! I scream on the inside. I love you more than anything! I love you so fucking much, it ruined my fucking life!

"I just need some time." I say instead, and I can't even recognize my fucking voice.

She simply nods and I gently lift her off of me, making her stand up.

I stand up as well, and turn away from her.

I need to move my fucking feet NOW, now before it's too fucking late again.

My feet feel heavy, like I can't lift them and get the fuck away from there, from her, and then she speaks.

"You're just going to leave me here?" her voice is a sob, broken like the hope she had in me, and I realize that I never even had a choice.

Of course I can't fucking leave her there, it would be harder to do than a junkie who hasn't had his drug in months only to have it in a needle, pointed at his vein, and walk away.

Of course I can't leave her.

I turn around and shake my head, looking at the mess with blue eyes in front of me.

"I'm sorry." I whisper and take her hand in mine. "I should've known that trying to leave you is pointless. I can't fucking do it anyway."

She gulps and her eyes open wide as she notices something behind me.

"Hey! Is that a human laying on the ground!?" a male voice sounds from the end of the alley and my head snaps up towards the voice.

A cop. Fucking fabulous with a billion dollars in my backpack.

"Let's get the fuck away from here." I rush and lift her in my arms before she could protest and start running like hell towards my car, pushing her as gently as possible in and driving the fuck out of there.


Love, P.❤, I hope that chapter was okay

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