Wattys 2017 - Thank You

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Hey everyone!

I just submit The Choice of the Heart to the Wattys 2017! I don't know if I even have a chance but why not?

Thank you guys so much for being more than 7 000 to have read this fanfic! This is incredible, especially when you know english isn't my native language! It means a lot to me, sincerely.

I would like to thanks my bestfriend Linsdey who helped me through this book! Thanks for always taking the time for me!

I'm currently working on a book on my own and honestly I don't know when it will be ready or if I would post it on Wattpad or try to find an editor ...

Well this is in a very long time anyway so thank you again everyone, and feel free to come in private to tell me what you thought about the fanfic!

Love - Marie

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