22: summer camp pt.1

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"Love hurts, because it stays even when it's unrequited"


From the corner of your eyes, you notice Jungkook's stare on your side profile.

You continued to spin the pen in your fingers, fidgeting around your seat as the teacher's words became a blur.

You've been avoiding Jungkook for one week. You try not to be obvious about it but since Jungkook's room was next to yours and Taehee's, it wasn't very effective.

"hye.....Sohye!" Taehyung whispered not-so-softly to you, nudging your arm.

You snapped out of your trance, and saw your name written next to a problem sum on the blackboard.

Instantly you stood up from your seat and stiffly walked to the front, all eyes were following you.

Write the chemical formula of Ethene.

Organic chemistry was your worst topic, what great luck. You froze in place, and there was silence in the class.

"Seonsaeng-nim, I don't know...." you turned sheepishly to the teacher beside you.

You could hear giggles behind your back, mocking you. Probably Jungkook's fangirls.

"I know it's summer camp next week, but remember to revise." the teacher scolded.

You made your way back to your seat, and sat down with a sigh.


You felt a cold sensation on your hand. Looking down at your lap, there was a packet of strawberry milk.

You turned your head, and Jungkook was resting his chin on the desk, facing the front.

"....Thank-you.." you whispered to him.


"I can't wait for the hike" Taehyung danced around the rocky surface, occasionally throwing rocks into the river.

"I can't wait for the barbeque" Jin was carrying the ingredients.

"I can't wait to reincarnate into a rock" Suga leaned on a boulder.

"someone please carry me up to the peak" he whined.

"Hyung, exercise is good for you" Jungkook advised him.

"breathing is an exercise" Suga replied.

"watch out!" you warned Namjoon but it was too late. He scratched his knee on the sharp twigs.

"gwaenchana?" you ran over to him.

Jin came over, and fished out a long packet of mario cartoon bandages from his bag, pasting it on his fresh wound.

"I wish I had a girlfriend that would mend my wounds" he stared bitterly at Jin's hands skillfully bandaging the injury.

"you would destroy your girlfriend" Suga commented.

Soon the members and you arrived at the meeting point, where all the classes gathered together.

Not so surprisingly, the members were popular amongst the girls, gaining alot of attention. There were glares shooting straight through you. Can't you get a break?

"Jungkook oppa is so handsome~"

"Please marry me Namjoon oppa!"

"Yoongi oppa is so cool~"

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