Chapter 39

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      SOMEHOW, I'D MANAGED to fall asleep on Ryder's chest after we'd gotten back to the couch in the living room.

      First thing I'll establish is that I do not remember eating that pepperoni roll, just that I couldn't open it, handed it to Ryder to do it for me, was suddenly holding it again, and then realized it'd been completely gone for a while.

      I think I ate it, but since I don't really remember, I wouldn't be surprised if some other stoned kid had taken it right out of my hand. Then again, Ryder might have kicked their ass if they even tried, but I digress.

      Anyway, I barely remembered anything to do with the pepperoni roll or the walk back to the couch. We were just kind of sitting down, and I vaguely remembered a conversation we might have had about that confusing shade of hair that you can't decipher between blonde or brown on the way there. I do remember a conversation with Jay—who'd been here when we got back—about where Cyrus and Selena went, but he couldn't remember a thing after running off for that girl's number.

      He did not get that phone number. Needless to say, he was sorely disappointed.

      I'd checked the time on my phone to see that it was around five in the morning, and that was the first time I realized I was laying with my back against Ryder's chest, us now the only two people on the couch. I didn't mind it, of course, and I had the feeling he didn't either. I was just stuck on the question of how the hell we got into this position in the first place.

      Let's also not forget the fact that we were in public. Cuddling. Something we don't do publicly.

       I heaved out a sigh and gently sat up to watch my surroundings. As expected, drunk teenagers littered the floor, half dressed and covered in beer and food and trash. It looked like some had left last night, since the number of people in the room looked drastically lower, but I still dreaded the idea of ushering the remaining ones out of the house.

      I felt Ryder shift behind me and turned to face him. His eyebrows were furrowed and his eyes twitched in his sleep, so I ran a hand through his hair to calm him.

     His eyes fluttered open slowly and he squinted up at me. "Skye?"

      "Shh," I whispered, hand still running through his hair. He leaned into the touch, and I had to remind myself he was half asleep and not thinking clearly. "Go back to sleep, it was just a dream."

      He blinked a few times before slowly nodding and closing his eyes. I continued to play with his hair until I was sure he'd fallen back asleep, then proceeded to stand up and start clearing.

      My head spun when I stood up and I shot a hand to it in an attempt to stop it. The high from last night must have still been a little in my system. I'd never woken up high before.

      After gathering my bearings, I started in the living room, waking people up and kicking them out of the house. At some point a few hours later, I'd managed to find a clock that told me it was around eight in the morning, and I momentarily felt bad for kicking these kids out after they'd hardly had any sleep.

      Then I reminded myself that the sooner they left, the sooner I could go back to sleep, so I continued kicking kids out at a faster pace.

      I was almost completely finished cleaning up all of the house besides the kitchen when I heard a yawn. I spun around to the doorway in time to see Jay walking in the room, still shirtless with his pants hanging just below the band of his briefs.

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