Chapter Twenty-Two|| You're Transgender?

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Chapter Twenty-Two|| You're Transgender?

"I can't believe you're going to prom in that," Hayden doubted as he watched me put on my heels.

"What's so wrong about going to prom in this?"

Hayden raised his eyebrows as he moved uncomfortably in his tux. "I mean, you spent a whole damn year trying to convince people that you're a boy and now you're doing this! Are you sure that bullet didn't damage your brain?"

I huffed out and scowled. "Shut the fuck up, assmuncher," I growled.

"Why isn't Sam taking you? I thought you guys were in love?"

I scowled again and sat next to him. "Why hasn't Veronica texted you back? I thought you said your dick was big. Plus, I never said we were in love."

He punched my shoulder. "Shut up before I regret taking you to prom, fuck face."

"You know how sad it is when your brother has to take you to prom? It's fucking depressing."

He shrugged and nodded towards Sam's room. "I bet he's taking a total babe and you're stuck here talking about how Veronica didn't like my dick."

There was a moment of silence as I silently thought about his words.

He probably was taking some fresh pussy to the dance, and here I was, acting like my brother's love life was my top priority.

"Well, it doesn't matter because I'm finally telling everyone the truth," I shot as I stood up, "How do I look?"

"You look like a dead cat who was run over by a 16 wheeler-"

"Jeez, how bad can I look?"

"-I wasn't done. A dead cat who was run over by a 16 wheeler after getting gang banged by a 30 inch dildo while getting thrown in a blender."

I turned slowly to look at him and grimaced. "W-what type of fucking porn do you watch?" I stammered.

"Hentai," he said carelessly.

"Whatever, fucking weirdo, let's get the fuck out of here. You rented the limo, right?"

He scoffed and looked at me with a confused expression. "Bitch, why would I spend my fucking money on you? Especially on a goddamn limo? Dad's driving us."

I let out a gust of air and shook my head. "Fine. Call dad."


I anxiously tapped my foot and shoved another potato chip down my throat. Hayden had abandoned me hours ago after Veronica gladly apologized for saying that his dick was small.

Now, they were both happily dancing along with many of the student population as I battled my crippling depression and waiting for my dad to pick me up.

So far, no one had recognized me and I had no idea how I was going to explain to everyone that I had a pussy instead of a dick. I was fucked, as usual.

"I've been looking for you all night," Nick commented as he sat beside me, "What possessed you to come dressed like that?"

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