Chapter 12

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Beca's surgery had gone really well and Chloe was currently waiting with her mom to go see Beca. They sat in silence for a while until Sheila came out to get them. "She's asking for you," she said to Chloe with a sympathetic smile.

"How is she?" Chloe asked as she stood up with Kate following.

"She's in a lot of pain and she's been crying," Sheila said sadly. "Hailee's really overwhelmed about it."

"Poor girls," Kate said sadly. "Hey how did her dad take it when he had to sign the medical forms?"

"He did it," Sheila shrugged. "I told him he didn't have to see her and all he had to do was sign and he said okay."

"Well at least that worked out," Kate replied as Sheila opened the door.

"Hey honey, Chloe's here," the woman said sympathetically as she walked up to Beca's bed.

Beca wiped her eyes and turned her head to look at her girlfriend. "Hi," she said softly as Chloe approached her bed.

"Hey you," Chloe smiled as she pulled up a chair and sat down after kissing Beca's forehead. "How ya doing?"

"Everything hurts," Beca said, her eyes filling with tears again.

"Hey kiddo," Chloe said softly as Hailee walked over to her. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," Hailee said as she sat down on Chloe's lap.

"Babe do you need anything?" Chloe asked Beca sympathetically.

"Just hold my hand," Beca said exhaustedly.

"When does she get to leave?" Kate asked.

"An hour or two," Sheila replied with a shrug. "I really appreciate you letting her stay with you guys," she smiled.

"It's no problem at all," Kate replied.

"If it's too much, my sister can come get her," Sheila said seriously.

"No it's totally fine!" Kate said reassuringly. "Chloe's already got all their friends lined up to come visit. Except Aubrey, she's at summer camp for another week."

"That's so sweet," Sheila said softly.

Dr. Branson came into the room and sat down on his office chair with a smile. "How are you feeling Beca?" He asked the girl softly.

"Baby the doctor's here to talk to you," Chloe said gently as Beca quickly opened her eyes. "Are you too tired?"

"I'm fine," Beca yawned. "I feel pretty bad."

"That's expected," the doctor replied. "I just want to talk to you a little about your recovery," he said. "So for the first week or so, you should be trying to put some weight on that leg and you'll have to come in every other day to get fluid drained from her knee. After she's able to put a lot of weight on it, which should be around two week mark, we'll start physical therapy. Then it'll just depend on how well she's doing."

"Will I be able to play softball next season?" Beca asked.

"Yes, but you'll have to take it easy," Dr. Branson replied. "What position do you play?"


"That's gonna be too hard on your knee," the doctor said sympathetically. "I really don't recommend doing that."

"It's okay," Chloe said softly.

"Alright," Beca sighed. "When can I leave?"

"As soon as your stepmom signs all the release forms," he said, handing the woman a stack of papers. "When you get home, get a lot of rest and make sure you eat before you take your medication."

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