Nerd oh please

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I watch as Ethan walks towards me his eyes have a glimmer that I don't like "Hey Adeline come here" he shouts.I nervously push up my glasses and walk over to him only to get a slap in my face "MOVE THE HELL AWAY" I say my voice echoing through the halls before I lose all control, Ethan Lewis, I will injure you just you wait.
I watch he as he laughs and points at me trying to insult me then it happened my fist collided with his nose then he was hit square in the stomach when I kicked him he groaned and sits up but I continue hitting him that is when I got annoyed my legs wrapped around his neck then I flipped him over and tightened my legs around his neck.
I watch in pleasure as the colour drains from his face but I only tightened my grip as his lips turned purple I let him go "Oh the joy have q great weekend everyone." I walk out school and then say, Nerd, oh please I am the Queen.
As I walk away a friend of mine says"shot him"

I smile at her and this is why I love Nova she is the most upfront person I know and she knows me all too well and is my partner in crime and that will never change I remember when we were 3 we made a blood pact best friends forever and we are very alike so her idea did not sound too bad I nod and Evan my best guy friend and he shot Ethan and there is no proof he did it and that is why we are the best of friends nobody would suspect us but they can't underestimate us we are very tricky welcome to the life of the Mafia queen and her Second and Third in command and yes Evan made the pact with us we have been friends for 13 years and I can tell you we are not so nice.

Please note the character Nova belongs to Cecilia phantomhive also known as Cici baby so read her books and when please follow her.

The picture below is Nova.

The picture below is Nova

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