Chapter 18

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{(Y/N) POV}

I woke up in a dark room next to Ash {Zoe's name is now changed to Ash because of reasons sorry for the confusion that may have been caused for the seconds that you have read that} she was passed out, and I couldn't see shit the only reason I knew it was her was because of a hole in the wall that showed her eyes. "Ash ASSSHHHHH get upp" I whisper yelled at her but she didn't wake up. I tried to shake her but I  was pulled back but the chains on my arms that I didn't notice until that moment.

"Oh shit" I said out loud to myself. Well if I can't shake her Ill kick her, I then turned my legs toward her and kicked her in the stomach. "OWWW what the fuck!!" Ash yelled, and for a second I could see her eyes turn completely black. "Sorry Ash I had to wake you up somehow" I replied, "well you could have shaken m-" she cut herself off when she noticed out hands were chained "Oh..". "Well What the fuck do we do now, a better question I should ask is WHERE THE FUCK ARE  WE AND HOW DO WE GET OUT!!!!!"

"Your never getting out love......" We hear Bing say from somewhere in the room...

{Anti POV}

 Before I walk into the jewelry store with Mark and Dark, Dark and I put contacts in so we look at least a little bit human. As we walk into the store a man walks up to us, "Hello gentlemen, my name is Dan. Do you need my assistance?". "Um can you make customized rings here?" I ask the man in front of me "Yes we do. I can help you at the front desk". We all walk to the front and the man grabs a clip board full of stuff for me to sign.

 "Before you get these I have to know what ring u would like" "Oh yeah, I forgot about that, I'd like a (your birthstone) with a heart cut on a white gold ring in (your size finger)" {my birthstone is blue sapphire and in the older days it was also peridot so i just say both lol}"Nice choice, are you two with him?" the man asked after handing me the clipboard in which i started to fill out. "Yeah we are his friends, here for support" Mark said while Dark just nodded. 

{10 min of filling out papers later}

"Okay I'm done, filling out the papers" I say as I hand the papers to Dan. "excellent, your ring will be done in one hour and 30 minutes so make sure to come back" Dan says with a smile. "We will" Mark says as we walk out of the door. "Okay now lets go buy some clothes so (Y/N) isn't suspicious of us ". "Okay Im down, I need new clothes that are not covered in blood stains" Dark says with a chuckle. "Okay we are having a talk about that later" Mark says to Dark.

{(Y/N) POV}

 "B-bing let us g-go NOW!" I said trying to sound demanding but failing miserably. "HA you two are never leaving here" Bing said as he walked toward us, he snapped his fingers and the lights in the room turned on. The room had concrete walls and on them were knives whips and other torture weapons, behind Bing was a door that led down a hallway that I couldn't see the end of."I'm gonna kick you'r ass when I get out of here" I say to him. "well see about that" Bing says with a smirk. "I swear to God Bing if you don't let us go i will rip out you'r throat an STICK IT UP YOUR ASS" Ash yells. "Oh come on Ash we have already had a nice discussion about talking to me like that.." Bing replies while walking to his wall of weapons that I dreaded looking at. Ash then backs up against the wall, scared. "What are you gonna do to us?" I say...

{Back to Anti POV}

{1 hr and 30 min of clothes shopping}

"well its time to pick up the ring for my love" I say as we walk out of the store with a bag of clothes in each of our hands. "Okay cool, I'm so happy for you bro" Mark says as we walk in the jewelry store. "Yeah I just hope she says yes" I reply. "Dude don't worry she will she loves you like ALOT" Dark says, reassuring me that I'm making the right choice by doing this. We walk up to Dam who is at the front desk. "Hello gentlemen your ring is ready, I'll go get it for you" Dan then walks into a back room, and comes out 3 minuets later with the ring in a small black velvet box.  "Here you go sir that will be {insert amount of money here XD}" 

"Here you go sir" I say as I hand him the money, he then hands me the small box, I put it in my pocket and walk back to the car......


Well then this is getting interesting, I have no excuse for not updating tbh and I'm sorry, I don't know why but I feel the next chapter coming up is gonna get eventful hehehehe...I hope you guys liked this chapter, Imma go watch Rick and Morty  PEACE OUT!!

                              ~Author Chan

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