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7:57 PM
zach: one day

blake: one day

blake: wow i always think about how crazy this is

blake: the fact that i talk to you

blake: that i'm friends w you

zach: how is it crazy?

blake: well i mean you have a milli on insta for starters

blake: you're in a band

blake: i'm just a girl from ohio who got a text from the wrong number😂

zach: so

zach: me being in a band does not mean we shouldn't be friends

zach: i'm so happy to have you as a friend blake, my fame doesn't change that

blake: i love you zach

zach: i love you too blake

blake: zach who knew you texting me pickup lines would get us where we are

zach: i'm going to start sending yo mama jokes

blake: pls don't

zach: yo mama so dumb

blake: no

zach: she went to the dentist to buy a blue tooth

blake: oh my god i'm going to block you

zach: NO

zach: i'll stop

zach: maybe

blake: i have a yo mama joke actually

zach: i thought u said no

blake: i did but

blake: yo mama so ugly

blake: even a goldfish cracker wouldn't smile back

zach: now i know how you feel

zach: these are so cringe

zach: i will stop sending you those

blake: thx

blake: natalie is freaking out about tomorrow 😩

zach: me 2 tf

blake: tbh tho

blake: what time again?

zach: around 8-9

blake: ok

blake: my mom wants to meet you tf

blake: "is it that boy you like from that band? i want to meet him he seems nice"


blake: dead

zach: i wanna meet ur mom

zach: mamma dunbar and mamma herron should be friends

blake: omg they should

blake: but my mom is lowkey a fan of you

zach: i'm lowkey a fan of your mom

zach: i mean she mad you so

blake: mad

zach: made*

blake: my mom mad me!

zach: 😩😩

blake: i'll stop

blake: damn i bully u

blake: y u let me bully you

zach: why did you use both 'u' and 'you' in a sentence

blake: cause

blake: i wanted to

blake: i cut my shirt you gave me btw

zach: WHAT

blake: chill i just made it shorter and a muscle tee

zach: oh

zach: i'll make my a muscle tee so i can show off the boys

blake: "the boys"

blake: ok

zach: yes the boys

blake: anyways

blake: i have to go :/ but like my insta post

zach: ok bye see you tomorrow ❤️


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@ogblake: all smiles because i get to see my faves tomorrow :) ❤️

@user1: you're so pretty😍
@user2: ugly bitch
@imzachherron: you look so pretty in his picture 😍 I can't wait to see you! ❤️
@imzachherron: @user2 she's not ugly or a bitch.
@user3: damn zach defending you😩
@user4:wish i could meet you! you're such a good dancer!
@jackaverymusic: can't wait to see you again!
@natporter: that's my bestfriend!!!


ok so i won't be posting for this week but here's a lil update for now!

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